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Web Design \ MAR 5th 2013

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

If you’re still trying to guess what UX stands for – no worries, we’ll guide you through it. UX (User eXperience) is defined as the overall experience and satisfaction a user gets from a product or a system. A good website is often measured by the quality of the UX – what users experience when they are visiting your website.

As you build your own site, there are many different usability factors to take into account. In fact, almost every design decision you make affects the user experience for better or for worse, from content composition to color selection, from navigation type to the very labels on your buttons.

Follow the tips we listed below and create a smoother, more pleasant user experience that will invite people to engage with your content longer.


Your homepage should include your site’s main messages. “Main” does not mean “all”, and this is why the hierarchy of messages is important. Think of your site’s main targets and the ideas most important to convey to your visitors, and make sure all of them are represented in the homepage.

Don’t forget:
1. The most important content should always be placed above the fold. “Above the fold” means everything that’s visible on the screen before people start scrolling downwards!
2. Link your logo to the homepage from each page of your site.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Perfect Proposal – Great example of complying with UX principles

Content that Appears Across All Pages

Depending on the main goals of your website, certain messages should be placed on all pages. This is true for obvious items like header content and main navigation, as well as less obvious items like social network share icons. If you have a business site, add your business phone number and contact details to the top or bottom of every page to assure that users never have to look for it – maybe on your site’s header or footer menu.

In the Wix editor, you can set any component to appear in all pages by clicking it and then checking the “Show on all pages” checkbox.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Show on all pages

Improving Your Site’s Readability

Text is part of the website’s design. It carries your marketing message to your users and helps to tell the story of what your site is all about. Studies from a few years ago show that the average Internet user reads only 28% of the text on a web page, which means that making content accessible and easy to read is crucial. Below are a few points you should keep in mind to improve you site’s readability.

Don’t over-text it
: This is essential to improving the readability of your site. The optimal line length for body text is considered 50-60 characters per line, or no more than 600-650 pixels width per row.

Make the text large enough to read: This may sound obvious but unfortunately some websites miss out on this important point. A website’s text should be large enough for users to read effortlessly. The standard text size on the web is 12 or 13pt Arial, and 12pt Verdana.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Readability is key

Use bulleted lists: Help your users get the main idea of what you have to say by using bullet points where possible. According to an eye-tracking study by ClickTale, users observe bulleted lists longer. They are faster to read and understand, especially when skimming through content.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Bulleted lists read better

Use italics in the right context: Text presented in italics is often a bit harder to read. On websites, it’s recommended to use italics sparingly, when you need to add a soft emphasis to a line of text. To make text more easily scannable, use boldface instead.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

italics VS bold


Don’t underline words if they’re not links: When we see an underlined word, we usually interpret it as a link. If you underline regular words within your site’s text, readers may get confused and try to click them.


Internal and External Links

Links that take users to another page on the same website are called internal links. Internal links should never open in new browser tabs, but rather the same tab the user is on (opening new tabs of the same website is often redundant and confusing for users). However, when you place external links on your site, it’s important they open in new tabs. This way, the user remains on your site and does not need to click back at any point.


Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Internal & external links

Screen Size and Grid

The most common computer screen resolution currently is around 1300 pixels (1366×768 to be exact, not including mobile devices).
However, about 9% of users still use screen resolution of 1024 and it’s important for your site to be able to accommodate these visitors as well.
Every Wix template has a grid 980 px wide pre-defined, so if you stick to the grid’s borders your site will look great on any desktop/laptop screen.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Music on Autoplay is a No-No

There’s no nice way to say this. Music that autoplays as soon as a visitor lands on a site usually has bad usability implications. It’s intrusive for a person who is listening to music or using her computer in a quiet area.
If music is an essential part of your site (let’s say, on your band’s site) and you choose to place music in autoplay, make sure the pause button is easy to reach.

Use a Fallback Image for Flash Components

If you include a flash component like a video or animation, visitors who access your site from certain mobile devices will not be able to access this content. To increase your site’s usability on mobile devices, upload a fallback image to appear when the flash component cannot be seen.

To add a fallback image on your Wix website, click on the Flash component on your website, then click settings and under “fallback Image” add your pic.

Essential UX Tips to Enhance Your Website

Fallback Images for Flash

Have any questions about UX? Drop us a line in the comments and we’ll be happy to help!

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