Wix How To: Design a Gorgeous Gallery With Split Images

Today we want to show you a little trick that most Wix users are not familiar with – splitting one image into several images and using it as a menu. Here’s what it looks like:

This is basically an innovative alternative to a navigation menu. It’s a great way to spice up a Gallery or Services page, or even your Homepage. What we will do is show you how to take one image, split it to four equal parts and then link them to different pages on your website. Of course, you can do the same with more than four images. Just make sure you save the gallery settings accordingly.

To split the image evenly, we use an online tool called Image Splitter. All you need to do is upload the image you want to split, enter the number of pics you want to receive and Image Splitter will download them to your computer as a zip file.

Ok, let’s get going!

  • Go to Image Splitter and split your image to four

  • In the Wix website builder, open the template you want to work with

  • Prepare the pages you would like to connect to the split images. At this point, it’s enough to create these pages and use temporary content. The important thing is to have a link ready

  • Prepare the page where you would like to add the split images. Make sure there’s enough room

  • On the left menu, click “Add” > then “Gallery” > then choose “Grid”

  • In the gallery’s settings, set the number of columns and rows to two each

  • Still in the settings, go to “When clicking on image” and choose “Go to specified link”

  • Click “Organize Images” to upload the split images you prepared

  • Play with the image order until you complete the puzzle

  • Now click on each image to edit the settings. Add titles and descriptions

  • Click on the link field and choose “Page”. Match each photo with the appropriate site page

  • After uploading and linking all the split images, you can customize the gallery design. Click on the gallery > then “Change Style” and choose the layout you want

And that’s it! You have a unique layout for gallery page :)

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