6 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Event Online

Whether you’re planning a workshop or organizing a launch party, using the web to promote your business event is one of the most important steps along the way. Creating a Facebook event is effective, but it’s pretty much a standard procedure nowadays. If you really want to spread the word about a business event that you’re holding, you should definitely check out these tips:

Important, but you can do more!

Advanced Social Media Tools

Naturally you must take advantage of the other major social networks and invite your friends and followers on LinkedIn, Twitter and yes, even Google+. There are also a few helpful Twitter apps for events you should check out, like-  TweetVite. If you have a gorgeous invitation, why not snap a photo of it and upload it to Instagram and even Pinterest?

Tweet your events

Create an Event Website

If your business or service doesn’t currently have a website – well, what are you waiting for? If you do already have one, it’s a good idea to add information about the event on your existing site, but you can also create a landing page that focuses  solely on the event you wish to promote.

Wix has several event templates you can use to create an amazing event website. You can include an RSVP form, a Google map to the venue, exciting details and photos and more. It is essential you make it possible for visitors to share the event with their friends by adding social sharing buttons.

Use Wix to create an amazing event website

Email Announcements

Plan and create a promotion schedule to send out emails, announcements and reminders. Announce your event to both your mailing lists and partner’s lists, and any possible sponsor’s lists as well, but make sure you’re not double-sending emails – unless you want to go directly to spam. For planning and managing email invitations, you may want to utilize one of several guest list applications to help you stay organized, handle ticket sales and manage RSVPs.

Here’s an example of a Wix email invitation to one of our meetups. You can still join, btw!

Event Listing Sites

List your events globally and locally at Meetup, Eventbrite or Yelp. Most of these sites are not only a great place to list and promote your event for free, but many of them offer additional services such as opening an event blog, a guest list forum and other event management services.

Word of Mouth

Don’t be embarrassed to talk about your event on blogs and forums where you hang out, as long as the event is relevant to the other users. Your friends and coworkers should do the same. It’s important not to cross the line and become a spammer. You won’t get any good results by posting on forums you never visited before. An invitation from a “friendly face” is worth a lot more than from an unknown promoter.

Spread the word!

Find an Awesome Venue like the Wix Lounge

The relationship between event spaces and event organizers is changing. Forget about the old days when you pay the venue to hold an event and that’s that. Venues have just as big an interest in promoting events as the people who actually organize them.

The Wix Lounge is a great example of that. If you visit the Lounge on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see how we actively promote events that are in fact held by third-party organizers. And why not? We want these events to be successful and memorable for the guests and the organizers. It’s a win-win situation!

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