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Photography \ DEC 19th 2012

Hilarious Perfectly Timed Photos

Photos make a moment last forever. Perfectly timed photos capture improbable or hilarious situations and make them last forever. From people getting caught in odd positions to cats and mice right in the middle of a chase, these images capture funny or odd moments that bend reality a little. They present optical illusions that  make us either laugh or look in wonderment. It is almost as if the photographer has insight into what is about to happen, but oftentimes it really is just being in the right place at the right time… with a camera in hand.

Check out this showcase of rare moments being captured just at the perfect time:

perfectly timed photos bicycle crash

Nasty photobomb

perfectly timed photos man on a bus

If he only knew…

perfectly timed photos bride on horse

Here comes the four-legged bride

perfectly timed photos woman with dog's head

You know how some dogs actually look like their owners?

perfectly timed photos copy cat


perfectly timed photos rude dog

This dog has an attitude problem

perfectly timed photos cat's dinner

The chase

Perfectly Timed Photos diving dog


perfectly timed photos waterfall

Waterfall in a bottle

perfectly timed photos UN soldier

UNbelievably clever photographer

perfectly timed photos obama's fire ball

Obama the sorcerer

perfectly timed photos moon landing

Moon landing

perfectly timed photos ice cream cloud

A cloud in a cone

perfectly timed photos car parking

The hand that parks cars


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