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New Features \ DEC 12th 2012

Wix Apps to Boost Your Holiday Special Offers

If your business website isn’t already in full Holiday mode, now’s the time to switch from everyday to holiday business mode.
Holiday season is an opportunity to attract customers with offers they can’t refuse. Your website
should highlight special offers and discounts and give visitors a special holiday shopping experience.

Each year, Wix is proud to offer the best online tools for promoting holiday-related special offers,
but this year we have a secret weapon – the Wix App Market! Now you can add special apps
to your Wix site and boost your sales during this peak season.

wix apps to boost your holiday special offers - shopify

Shopify your site

Here are the top apps we recommend for your holiday special offers:

Shopify Online Stores

The Shopify app turns your website into a full online shop in just minutes! With 5GB of storage,
more than 65 payment gateways and unlimited shop bandwidth, you can offer your customers an easy
and comfortable shopping experience.

To highlight your holiday special offers, use Shopify’s app settings and place all deals and discounts directly on the store’s Frontpage. In the Wix editor, click on the store and choose App Settings, then check the Frontpage checkbox for all products on sale.

 wix apps to boost your holiday special offers

Social Coupons

Post a social coupon on your website and promote your hot sale. With this app, you can design the coupon yourself and place it anywhere you want on your site. Whether you’re offering 2 for 1, 50% off or a $100 gift certificate – you have full control on the sale’s terms and conditions, including the time frame.

The great thing about social coupons is that they turn your clients into your Santa’s little helpers
by encouraging them to share the coupons on their social media profiles. This way, customers are not only shopping for your products, they’re actively promoting  them themselves.

wix apps to boost your holiday special offers - social coupons

Add social coupons to your Wix site

AppForma Sweepstakes

Run a holiday contest on your website to encourage visitors to engage with your business. AppForma creates sweepstakes and invites site visitors to enroll. As a prize, you can offer anything you can think of – from discounts to giveaways. To increase sales, open the sweepstake only to clients who purchased products from you during the past month. The upgraded version of this app allows you to collect participant information for future marketing initiatives.

wix apps to boost your holiday special offers - appforma sweepstakes

appforma sweepstakes

Comparison Tables by CompareNinja

Let’s say you want to make your visitors understand just how special your holiday special offer really is. What better way to do so than a simple and straightforward comparison table? CompareNinja’s tables let you highlight all the advantages of your special deal. It’s a great way to show your clients that they don’t want to miss out on your offer.  Emphasize that this is a unique opportunity to get the best value for money for a limited time period to create a sense of urgency.

wix apps to boost your holiday special offers - compareninja


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