5 Great Wix Features You Should Know About

Wix’ website builder has so many features that sometimes it gets hard to keep track of all available options. The following tips will get you familiarized with awesome features and tricks you can do on your HTML5 website. Using these features would turn you into a power Wix user and give you an insight into things that real web designers see and do on their day-to-day tasks

Page Transitions

Add some diversity to your website with page transitions. Instead of standard transitions, choose between Out-In, Swipes and Cross-Fade:

  • In the HTML5 editor, click on Pages

  • At the bottom of the Pages window, choose the desired transition

  • Save your website and you’re done!

Button Shadows

To highlight your website’s buttons, add a touch of shadow them

  • Click Add in the menu on the left, and then Buttons & Menus

  • Choose either Default, Large or Emphasis

  • When the button appears in the editor, click on it and choose Change Style

  • In the window that appeared, click on the Edit Style

  • In the Advanced Style window, choose the shadowy style (left, 2nd row)

Image Gallery with Animated Grid

Using this gallery is a great way of displaying images in a beautiful and user-friendly way. As your website’s visitors hover over one of the pics, the title and navigation will appear. They can easily enlarge the pics and browse through them one by one.

  • Click Add and then Gallery

  • Choose Animated Grid

  • Start adding your images

Customized Palette

The HTML5 editor comes with a preset of color combinations carefully selected by our studio designers. However, if you feel like mixing your own colors, you can just use the customized palette option.

  • Click Design and then Color

  • At the bottom of the newly-opened window, click on Customize Palette

  • Click on any one of the main colors to edit and customize them

Set Your Facebook Thumbnail

When you share your HTML5 website on Facebook, a small image will appear and give people a glimpse into your website. You can choose what this image will be to attract more clicks! Use the pool of Wix icons or upload your own image. Choose something that will make people want to engage with your website.

  • Click Settings, and then Social

  • Under the Thumbnail field, click Change

  • Choose the image and click OK

  • When the new thumbnail has been uploaded, click Done – and you’re done!

We have more awesome tricks and tips coming up tomorrow – stay tuned! 


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