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How to Make an Online Business Card That Works

Getting a website online is extremely important but no less important is understanding how to personalize your site to fit your needs. Many business owners and freelancers that want to get a site online have a fixed idea of what a website should look like: Homepage, navigation menu, photos, info page, contact us section – that’s pretty much the common ground. But do you really need all of this? Is it possible that what your business is actually begging for is a single-page website?

You can think of a single-page website as an online business card: the most minimal resource necessary to grab people’s attention and provide them with the necessary information to get in touch. Additionally, it can make a very positive impression if you know how to use that small space correctly.

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Reverend Guitars

Should You Get One?

An online business card is not for everyone. Many people and companies need a more detailed website to display what they’re about. However, if one of these descriptions matches your situation, an online business card is something to consider:

  • You need some kind of website but prefer to do most of the communication face-to-face

  • You want to spark an interest with site visitors without revealing all of your cards at once

  • Your main activity happens offline and you simply wish to direct people to your locations

  • You have a solid presence on social networks and simply need a URL for more formal occasions

5 Tips for Your Online Business Card

Space is limited, so you need to think minimal. You could cram the content of a full 7-page website on your single web page, but what’s the point in doing that? It will only confuse your site visitors and leave you with a hot mess of a website.  Be selective with the content you choose to upload to your page. If you use the space right, you won’t need more texts or images. Here are some tips to help you:

  • In your website’s header, state your name or your business’ name with a clear tagline. The header should give site visitors an immediate idea about you, your service or your product.

  • The site background is a super important part of a single-page website. Use it wisely to create a mood, to display a product or to show skills. But please, no low-quality images that make everything else unreadable.

  • If you need to add an image gallery to your website, go for a horizontal sliding gallery that will save you some space and still leave room for many images.

  • Keep your text brief and easy to understand. You don’t need more than 2-3 passages to introduce yourself. Get a friend to proof-read your texts and snip them if necessary.

  • Your contact info should be visible and prominent. The whole point of an online business card is to encourage visitors to get in touch with you. Make it clear that they should, and offer them more than one way to do so.

Have more tips for creating a successful online business card? Share them with us in the comments.

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