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5 Apps That Protect Your Phone from Theft

Know that feeling of helplessness you get when you think you might have lost your phone? The sheer terror of thinking you might have lost all your contacts, photos, text messages – your very lifeline?

The good news is that you can take precautions against this unpleasant scenario. Many mobile apps offer features that protect your phone and can even help you retrieve it if it was lost, stolen or accidentally taken. Here are the five top recommended apps to consider:


This app uses geo-location to search for a lost or stolen device and accurately track down its whereabouts. But that’s not the only way it can help. The Android version allows you to remotely lock your mobile device and delete personal information. This way, if your Smartphone falls into the wrong hands, you can prevent them from causing real harm.

Another treat for Android users is remote messaging with your phone, so you can communicate with whomever has it. iPhone users get another great feature that lets you activate a loud alarm sound when you fear for your Smartphone’s fate.


This smart app offers several anti-theft features, like location detection, remote alarm activation and file protection. It has extensive versions for both iOS and Android devices (as well as safety products for computers and cameras). Apple devices get an extra awesome feature – GadgetTrak snaps photos with your stolen mobile camera and collects evidence that can help you locate your phone and catch the unfortunate thief.


Prey has an amazing record of lost/stolen device recovery. Happy users testify that once they receive the first signal from the app, the police can recover their stolen device within hours. In several cases, rightful owners receive their stolen devices within 24 hours after the crime was committed!

Prey operates with geo-location tracking and remote camera activation, and it protects your data while the device is away. If you wish to protect more than one device you can get a pro package and secure your entire family’s or business’ phones.

Motion Alarm

Two separate apps offer this great service to concerned Smartphone owners: Motion Alarm for iOS users  and Motion & Sound Alarm for Android users. The iPhone app uses motion-triggered deterrence technology that keeps unwelcome hands away from your phone. It uses tricks like stealth mode and darkened screen to confuse the thief and disguise the app’s activity.

The Android app adds sound-triggered protection. If the app recognizes suspicious activity, it will either set off an alarm, notify the owner via phone call or activate GPS tracking. You can also control the app from afar by sending text messages with instructions.


A reliable app that takes all the necessary measures to make sure your phone is safe. In case of a theft, a simple text message or online command will lock the phone for further use, back up and remove all valuable information, start tracking the thief’s moves and notify the authorities. Snuko works on Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices but the Android version seems to be the most powerful one.

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