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Social Media \ OCT 3rd 2012

7 Tips for Using Instagram like a Pro

Instagram logo

Whether you personally use Instagram or not, you’ve surely encountered Instagram images on Facebook, Twitter or in blogs. This world-famous photography app allows any amateur to take really great photos with just a click. But if you want your Instagram pics to look like professional photography works, you can do a lot more than just use the basic Instagram filters. Not to mention that Instagram is a social media tool and learning how to master its networking features is important as well. We collected some tips to help you use Instagram like a pro and assist you in better harnessing its sharing power.

Remember the Tilt-Shift


Instagram Tilt-Shift Photo By Ronron

Instagram Tilt-Shift Photo By Ronron

This awesome feature enables you to add a slight blur to your photo in order to emphasize certain focal points and to deemphasize others.

After you’ve taken a picture, if you touch your screen, a button in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen flashes up. That’s the Tilt-Shift. Clicking on this button gives you an opportunity to blur parts of your photo using either a straight line or a circle filter.

If you use it right, this feature can be a lot of fun as it can also be used to make objects in your photos seem miniscule. Emphasize the heart of photos and blur the rest to see what happens.

 Add a Lens


Add a Lens - Photojojo

Add a Lens – Photojojo

Ever seen a photo of the details of a flower petal, or a bug’s eye and wondered how it was done? If you really want to get every little detail of an object, consider adding a lens to your iPhone. iPhone lenses go for a variety of prices, so it depends on your needs and on how much you want to invest. Olloclip offers a quick-connect lens solution worth checking out. However, you can also go for less expensive solutions offered at Photojojo . The photos you produce will be sure to leave an impressive mark on your website’s visitors or your Facebook friends!

Know Your Filters

Instagram filters

Know Your Filters

Most Instagramers use filters very sporadically, without really understanding the way they work and what they do. If you learn more about the different filters offered by Instagram, you will be able to utilize them better in your photography. Can you tell “Hudson” and “Hefe” apart? What about Kelvin, what is it good for? You can start by reading this guide on how to choose the best filter for your pics and this amusing Instagram Horoscope, that tells a little bit about the different filters and their significance to the human soul.

Use Relevant Hashtags


instagram photo examplesA hashtag is created when you attach the symbol (#) to a keyword to make it searchable on social media. You can add hashtags to any of your own photos on Instagram by including them in the caption of your photo or in a comment under the photo.

Click on a photo’s hashtag to see all photos tagged with the same hashtag. You can also search hashtags in Instagram by going into your profile tab and tapping on Search Instagram.

It’s important that you keep your hashtag relevant to your photo’s subject matter so that it will appear to users within the relevant context.

View Instagram with Web Viewers

Instagram Web Viewer

Extragram Web Viewer

With Instagram, you’re not only the photographer – you’re also an observer. You can enjoy browsing through Instagram pics much better if you use a web viewer on your computer. A web viewer lets you search for people and hashtags more easily and sometimes it’s much nicer to have a big, comfy display. Instagram’s API allows a pretty smooth integration of third-party apps, and that’s why there’s quite a nice selection of apps that offer a great Instagram browsing experience. Check out these awesome ones.

Use a Variety of Scenes and Subjects

Instagram photo examplesYou may have an affinity to one type of subject matter, like sunsets or cats. These are indeed awesome, but remember that Instagram is a sharing tool, and if you want to keep your stream interesting, you need some variation. Have a look at your last 10 photos, do they all have similar subjects? Try to think of what other people would find impressive and would be driven to like and re-share.

Pin Your Images

Pin your images on Pinteres Instagram examples

Pin your images on Pinteres

Social networking is going visual and cross-platform activity is more than welcome, especially for marketing purposes.

Whatever your business is, you can unite your activity in Instagram and Pinterest. See some beautiful examples for food and restaurant pins and interior design. Instagram gives you the ability to create pro-like photos, and Pinterest is another medium for making them seen. Connect the two together and kaboom! You’re sure to get more eyes appreciating your work and engaging with it.

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