Design-A-Wix-A-Thon: The Ultimate Web Design Challenge

They’re 20 designers who have one hour to save themselves by designing the most gorgeous HTML5 Wix website ever created. They know they have to be the best to win. One hour. The clock keeps ticking. Will they come out of this battle as winners, or will they lose the ultimate challenge?

That’s basically what went down in the Design-A-Wix-A-Thon that was held at the Wix Lounge NY recently, only without the “save themselves” part. That’s just us being dramatic.

A Web Design Gladiator Contest

The Design-A-Wix-A-Thon was a super fun web design challenge that invited designers to give their best shot at creating a beautiful HTML 5 website in 60 minutes. It’s not an easy task, but if you have solid skills and a great design platform like Wix – everything is possible!

A Web Design Gladiator Contest - Get set

The Lounge team hand-picked 20 contestants who were brave enough to rise up to the challenge. At the same time, we brought together a panel of esteemed judges: Award-winning artist and designer Rich Tu, Molly Maymar of talent agency Vitamin T, creative director and designer Lutz Vogel and our very own Hagit Kaufman, head of Wix Design & Brand.

All was ready for the big countdown.

The panel of esteemed judges :)

Time to Design

On the eve of October 2nd, the Wix Lounge NY turned from a friendly co-working and event space into an arena of excitement. The competing designers took their seats and prepared for the moment of truth. A crowd of friends and family gathered to cheer for them while taking coffee and refreshments.

Work in Progress in the Wix NY Lounge

Work in Progress in the Wix NY Lounge

The Lounge team officially declared the jumpstart, and the 20 designers quickly set out to create the dream HTML 5 website – cropping, linking, embedding and tweaking, scratching their heads and trying to stay as focused as possible.

As the finish line grew near, most contestants already had a full website on the air and were busy making the final adjustments. Just looking over the different screens made it clear that choosing a winner will not be an easy decision to make.

Choosing the winner

The Design-A-Wix-A-Thon Champion Is…

The time was up! The contestants were finally able to exhale, while the judges gathered to review their creations. We had 20 beautiful HTML 5 websites and the choice was tough. However, one website stood out with a lovely touch and a professional and intuitive design, and the judges all agreed that it’s a winner.

Without further ado, we are proud to present the very first Design-A-Wix-A-Thon winner – Cake Hole website by designer Kristin Rossi!

Design-A-Wix-A-Thon winner Kristin Rossi!

Kristin won a $500 prize! But that’s not the only thing she’ll remember from the contest. “The Design-A-Wix-A-Thon was a great experience”, she says. “The energy was not only competitive, but fun. Everyone just wanted to make something awesome, and the people at Wix did everything in their power to encourage that attitude.”

Kristin’s website shows her talents and skills, but according to her, that’s not the only reason she was able to design such a cool site: “As a freelance web developer/designer, I was legitimately shocked to find how easy Wix is to use. I’m proud of what Wix helped me make, and honored to have won.”

Respect to the Runner Ups

Kristin’s website took the Grand Ultimate Supreme, but there were two additional websites that were just too good to leave out. Rasheed Samite’s website, Origami Studio, won “Best Work in Progress” and a prize of a Bamboo Tablet! Donald Daedalus and his Running Circles website won “Most Ambitious” and a MoMa membership.

Our honorable judges could not believe that the three winners could create such awesome websites in so little time. “It was great to see what people came up with in so little time”, said Lutz Vogel. “Really speaks for the Wix platform – just about everyone is able to design and publish their own website.” Rich Tu agrees and adds: “We all felt the creative energy in the room. Even though the participants only had an hour, there were a couple of real standouts that showed serious potential.” Molly Maymar states that she was impressed both “by the caliber of talent and by the degree to which the platform facilitated creativity.”

We had a blast at the Design-A-Wix-A-Thon! There are many other great events coming up at the Wix Lounge NY, so stay tuned for more fun time with Wix.



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