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Social Media \ OCT 17th 2012

5 Reasons Your Facebook Fan Page Isn’t Picking Up

You keep working hard at setting up a fun and engaging Facebook page, but the Likes aren’t coming, no comments to be seen, and no one is sharing your awesome posts. All this effort for nothing? No! Your fan page may be a bit off, but you can still save it. Here are five things you might be doing wrong that can easily be fixed:


Your Permission Settings are Restricting Visitors 

Visit your “Manage Permissions” page and make sure that everything is set up to allow maximum visibility (unless you intentionally want to block certain groups or people from your page). It is especially important to allow people to tag your fan page in their posts. Also, make sure you didn’t accidently click the Unpublish checkbox. If a Facebook page falls in the forest and no one is there to Like it – it never really happened!


No entry sign on a srtreet

You Post Plenty, But Always in Bulks

You can’t run a successful Facebook page if you cram all your updates into a single posting day. Set up a daily posting routine, and if you want to add more than one update make sure you space out your posts. If you post too many updates at once, you’re not only flooding your fans’ feed, you’re also “burying” previous posts prematurely.

You may want to experiment with different posting hours. Some audiences react better during business hours, while others only participate after hours. Figure out what’s best for your followers.


You’re Not Sharing the Link to your Fan Page

Don’t expect a mass movement to like your page just because it’s there. You need to lead people to your fan page, and one of the best ways to do that is to share the URL wherever you can: your email signature, your business card, your website, your Twitter profile, your LinkedIn account – you get the point.

Before you do that, make sure your fan page has a username. It will make your link short, catchy, and easy to remember.


Lousy Images

Can’t stress this enough – if you’re using the wrong images you’re losing Likes by the minute! Miniature, blurry or low-quality images will not get the work done. Strong visuals are a key factor in getting people to notice your content.

Start by making sure that both your profile picture and cover photo are engaging and alluring. Check out these examples for inspiration. Continue by optimizing the images you use in your posts. Try to use visuals in every post unless it really isn’t appropriate. When posting a link, don’t settle for the little thumbnail that Facebook generates and upload an image yourself. Go over your photo albums and make sure you’re happy with what you see.

hand with a sad smile

You’re Talking to Yourself

You know, this whole “social” thing? It means you need to be sociable and engage with others. If you don’t take the time to communicate with other Facebook users, why would they communicate with you?

Go out and about! Comment, share and get in touch. Invite fellow users to view your fan page, but don’t spam! If you come across pages that are related to your industry or topic of interest, start a conversation with them, but know when not to barge in on a personal discussion.


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