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Google & SEO \ OCT 10th 2012

HTML5 Tips: Improve Your Website’s SEO

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Got your HTML5 website on air? That’s great, but now you want to make sure that your website shows up on search and can be easily accessed by visitors. The formula is simple: the better your SEO is, the higher your site will rank on search engines.

Wix websites are designed to be SEO-friendly. We provide you with simple tools to optimize your website and make sure it is seen and indexed by search engine crawlers.

You don’t need to be a SEO expert or fully understand the science of SEO. Just follow these simple steps to make sure you’re on Google’s good side.

 How to Customize SEO Settings for Your Entire Website

  • In the HTML5 editor, click “Settings” on the menu to the left and choose “SEO”.
  • Check the “Allow search engines to find my site” box. If you’re still not ready to publish your website, leave it unchecked until the site is ready to go live.
 How to Customize SEO Settings for Your Entire Wix Website
  • Now start filling the empty data fields, starting with:
  • Title (up to 70 characters): this is how the headline of your website will appear in Google search results. Use the name of your business or organization with a relevant keyword. For example: “PowerPro – Personal Fitness Trainer”.
  • Description (150-170 characters): this short text appears beneath your title in search results. Use a summary of what your site is about, like: “Get in shape with an experienced and professional trainer. Guaranteed results with a fitness program designed for your needs and goals”. Include your location if relevant.
  • Keywords (up to 10): list of terms that people would use to find your website. Separate each term with comma, like this: “personal trainer, fitness, getting in shape, New York trainer, training program”.
  • Click “Done” – and you’re done!

 How to Customize SEO Settings for Each Website Page

  • In the left menu of the HTML5 editor, click “Pages”.
  • Roll over the page you wish to edit and click on the settings icon to the right.
  • In the window that opens, you can now customize the page’s meta data just as you did for the entire website.
 How to Customize SEO Settings for Each Wix Website Page Details
  • Use different meta data for each page while maintaining similar content lines. For instance, on the “About” page:

Title: About PowerPro – Your Personal Trainer

Description: Getting New Yorkers in shape for more than 5 years, I am committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals with a healthy and empowering program

Keywords: fitness trainer New York, healthy exercise, killer abs, personal training program, sport trainer, lose weight.

Keep in mind that Google and other search engines sometimes take weeks to index website updates, so be patient. If you want to make sure that you’re doing it right, you can use Wix’s SEO monitoring tool.


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