Apps Gone Wild! Crazy Ideas from the “WixAppMarket” Contest

When we invited Wix users to share their crazy app ideas on Twitter, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. Two days after launching the #WixAppMarket contest, our Twitter channel is flooded with the wackiest, funniest, most delusional and often disturbing fantasy apps anyone could possibly imagine!

Some of the app suggestions that people come up with are simply too good to be kept from the public eye, so we picked just a tiny bit out of the THOUSANDS of tweets we received, and here they are for everyone to enjoy!

And don’t forget – the contest is still on! Got you own fantasy app ideas? Tweet them now for a chance to win an iPhone5!

Wix answers: We tried that once. Thought it would make communication between Wix employees better. Once we started understanding each other better, we realized we preferred not to.

Wix answers: Why give up on perfectly good leftovers?

Wix answers: Yes! Especially a “Hobbit” style trailer: “Everyone knows the legend, but no one knows how it all began… with a stop at the dry cleaning before picking up some dental floss.

Wix answers: And you would put that thing to your ear afterwards??!?!?!

Wix answers: Chuck Norris himself couldn’t take that much voltage.

Wix answers: We go through each and every one of these tweets. Trust us, you do NOT want to live in that world.

Wix answers: But how do you protect yourself from that app, so that you could still experience all the awkward moments of those around you?

Wix answers: Who would want to dream about Justin Bieber doing Gangnam Style?

Wix Answers: Will seriously harm our productivity. Who can concentrate in a Dunkin’ Donuts factory?

Wix answers: This apps should come with an extension called “Very Good Lawyer”.

Wix answers: Brilliant. We’re getting Mr. Freeman’s agent on the line.

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