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Photography \ OCT 22nd 2012

5 Incredible Photographers You Should Pay Attention To

Many people can take a good photo, but real talent, artistic vision and superb technical skills are not something you run into very often. Working with a large community of photographers that use Wix to create online portfolios, we have the privilege of getting to know truly brilliant photographers. We selected five photographers that really inspired us with their works and we want to spread the word. Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur snapper or simply a person who admires good art, you’d want to thank us for pointing out these talented artists and their amazing photography websites.

Bea Cruz 

In their own words:

“Bea Cruz is an information technology consultant, Virgo and hobbyist photographer living in Chicago, Illinois.  She enjoys traveling, Mad Men, music, sci-fi, Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton films.”

 5 Photographers You Should Pay Attention to -

Photo By Bea Cruz

Dieter Schamne

In their own words:

“Dieter Schamne is documentary fine art human photographer and photojournalist. He’s based now in Hamburg, Germany and does his work mostly black and white in tradition of documentary approach photography masters. He is always looking for interesting subjects and great spontaneous moments. Dieter Schamne uses analog and digital photography gear.”

 5 Photographers You Should Pay Attention to - Dieter Schamne

Photo By Dieter Schamne

Korto Photography

In their own words:

“Meet: Allison Kortokrax,  owner and lead photographer for Korto Photography. Allison graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.F.A. in Photography. As a fine arts graduate she always tries to incorporate a creative spin to her images. With every project that she takes on she leaves a piece of herself in it. Whether it is a spread for a fashion magazine or intimate photos for loved ones she treats each project as important as the next.”

 5 Photographers You Should Pay Attention to - Korto Photography

Photo By Allison Kortokrax

Erin Graboski

In their own words:

“I create to escape, dream, love, inspire, and explore. I’m an artist, specializing in nature, landscape, conceptual, and self portraiture fine art photography. I am always exploring on adventures through nature with my camera every single chance I get. There is absolutely nothing I love more than experiencing the never ending beauty that can be witnessed while out capturing photos. Since finding my passion in photography, it has graced me with an unbelievable amount support and love  that has given the infinite drive to create the art that I am most passionate about.”

 5 Photographers You Should Pay Attention to - Erin Graboski

Photo By Erin Graboski

Don Yap

In their own words:

“If there’s one thing I am more passionate about than photography it’s storytelling. I mean, who doesn’t love a good story?”

 5 Photographers You Should Pay Attention to - Don Yap Photography

Photo By Don Yap


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