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New Features \ SEP 13th 2012

Pimp Your HTML5 Website with these Great New Add-Ons!

Socialize your HTML5 site with more Add-ons

Great news! More exciting add-ons just landed in the Wix HTML editor, so get ready to vamp up your website with these cool new features.

Think “Social”: these latest add-ons are going to boost engagement with your website visitors. Social engagement is what connects your target market with your brand online. The more you engage, the more you strengthen your online presence.


Meet the New HTML Stars


Meet the New HTML Stars

Tumblr Blogs – Connect your Tumblr blog with your HTML5 website and publish your blog content directly on your site. Tumblr’s awesome blogging platform is two clicks away from being integrated into your website! GO

daPulse Community Forum – Set up your own community and stir up the discussion on your website. daPulse is a Wix-developed tool for creating online community networks. Add this feature to your website to connect with your target group and add user-generated content to your website. GO

Vcita Meeting Scheduler – Allow people to easily schedule an appointment online. Convert website visitors into clients by whisking them from your site directly to your business. By offering visitors the option to immediately book an appointment, you give them a shortcut that is guaranteed to increase engagement. GO

In one click you can fully integrate a new Add-on for FREE that will enrich your website

These three new add-ons are so easy to add and manage. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open your website in the HTML5 editor
  • Click Add and choose Apps
  • Select the feature you want
  • Click “Add to Page”
  • Start setting it up the way you like it!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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