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Wix Updates \ AUG 30th 2012

Wix’ Greatest Milestones Revisited

We’re  in a sentimental mood! If you pay attention to our Facebook fan page in the next few days, you’re bound to get a little nostalgic too:)

We’re about to share all the major milestones in Wix’ history on our Timeline. New features, new offices, new languages – so many landmarks and we’re proud of every single one of them. Of course, we didn’t do any of this alone. Creative, talented and innovative Wix users have inspired us and still do every step of the way.

So what’s on the nostalgic menu this evening? Here are just a few tastes. Be sure to check our Facebook page to take the full trip down memory lane with Wix.

wix founded on 2006

October, 2006 – Wix is Founded!

A while ago, a group of guys with big ideas and weird hairstyles came together and philosophized about the future of the web. Then they decided they actually want to take part in shaping this future. To make a long story short, Wix was born :)

First funding

January, 2007 – First Funding Arrives

Money – a startup’s biggest problem. Our founding fathers were very lucky in finding investors who believed in Wix. With that issue sorted, all was ready to move forward.

Open beta

June, 2008 – Wix Goes on Open Beta

The moment of truth came when Wix.com made its first steps in the “real” world. Much has changed since the first live version of the website builder, but the principle idea remained the same – making beautiful websites with ease and for free.

Million Users

June, 2009 – One Million Wix Users!

One year later, we already crossed the one-million-users milestone. The best thing about it was keeping in touch with many of these users, learning from them and seeing the great sites they were making.

SF Call Center

December, 2010 – The Lines are Open

Opening the call center in San Francisco made it possible for Wix users to communicate with us directly. We love it! Want to give us a call?

Wix Mobile

April 7th, 2011 – Time to Go Mobile

Wix users were not about to be left out of the mobile game. With Wix Mobile, everyone can make a great mobile website in just minutes!

HTML5 Editor

March 26th, 2012 – Enter HTML5

The moment the world’ best website builder actually became better. The HTML5 editor made it possible for users, for the first time, to  create beautiful websites with today’s most advanced web technology. Now, with over a million HTML5 websites already created, we can really see the HTML5 revolution happening.

Twenty Million Users

April 5th, 2012 – 20 Million Users!

And we have 20 million (and a little more) private “Thank You’s” for each and everyone of you!

To Be Continued…

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