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Small Business Tips \ AUG 13th 2012

How to Find Free Wi-Fi Anywhere

Our forefathers had sundials to determine their lives. We have Wifi signals. Digital creatives all over the world are planning their daily schedules according to Wifi availability. Scheduling meetings, taking trips, eating out and many other tasks have become barely manageable without the internet.

We created this short guide to help those  of you who spend their days chasing after free Wifi. Here, you’ll find some tips that are guaranteed to improve your connectability on the go. If you have a tip of your own to add, don’t be shy and share it  in the comments.

Locate It

Free Zone App

 If you carry a Smartphone with you, there are many apps that can help you locate all free near hotspots. These apps are considered reliable:

Free Wifi Finder


Free Zone

Boingo Wifi Finder

If you don’t have a Smartphone, familiarize yourself with Wifi hotspots in your location. It helps to try out different spots in different parts of the city. Keep in mind that chains like Starbucks or McDonald’s almost always offer a free Wifi service.

Uncover It

 Wifi-zone street sign

Try to be more creative in your search for free Wifi. Restaurants and cafes aren’t the only options. You can try hotel lobbies, public libraries, university facilities, museums or even hospitals. More and more stores are also bringing in free Wifi (Best Buy and Barnes and Noble are just two examples). Do some detective work and you’re bound to find a hotspot. And oh, if you’re around the NYC or SF Wix Lounge you can always find free Wifi there! (coffee’s on us too).

NYC Wix Lounge

NYC Wix Lounge

Transmit It

Some Smartphones models have the ability to act as hotspot and broadcast their internet connection to other devices. You can set it up with a password so that no other device can connect to it and slow you down.

Keep in mind that the connection from your phone won’t be as powerful as a regular internet connection, and if your data plan is limited you might end up paying high fees for crossing it, so keep the heavy tasks for later.

Enhance It

Did you know you can connect your laptop to special devices that enhances Wifi reception? With these devices, you can get Wifi reception from a cafe while sitting in the park nearby, or park your car outside Starbucks for a quick round of emails.

There are antennas you can purchase and simply connect with USB, but there are also DIY hacks that can boost reception, like this home-made antenna or even empty beer cans.



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