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Web Design \ AUG 22nd 2012

New! Power Up Your HTML5 Website with These Cool Add-ons

Don’t you just love good news? Well, we got four great updates to share, so listen up! We just added four awesome add-ons to the HTML5 website builder. That means four more things you can do with your HTML5 website!

We’re talking about:

Instagram Feed

Allow your site visitors to view your beautiful Instagram photos directly on your website. Show off scenes from your life, business, events and more.

Clarissa Marques Music - Instagram App

Clarissa Marques Music – Instagram feed

oliviaschafer.com Instagram feed

oliviaschafer.com Instagram feed

SoundCloud Players

Stream your music and bites with the world’s best social music platform.

Klass SoundCloud app

Klass SoundCloud playlist

Mallon Kha - SoundCloud App

Mallon Kha uses the SoundCloud add-on

Google Calendar

Display your business schedule with a Google calendar. You can use it to share upcoming events or allow time slots for meetings.

Steve Dub - Google Calendar app

Steve Dub – added Google Calendar to his website

Huang chien wei Google Calendar App

Huang chien wei used Google Calendar

RumbleTalk Chat

Set up your very own chat room directly on your website! Get fans talking to each other or have group discussions with group members or clients.

Missouri Blacks for Life - Rumbletalk App

Missouri Blacks for Life – RumbleTalk Chat

Want those funky add-ons running on your HTML5 website? Here’s what to do:

  • In the HTML5 editor, click on “Add” (left menu)
  • Click on “Apps”
  • Choose the add-on you want
  • In the window that opens, click “Add to Page”
  • Place the add-on where you want it on the page
  • Click on the add-on and then choose “Settings” to customize it to fit your needs

As simple as that :)




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