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How To's \ JUL 25th 2012

How to Take Screenshots on Your Smartphone

Once in a while things happen on our smartphone screens that we’d like to save or share with friends. Just like on PC’s, Smartphones too have the option to take screenshots and save them as an image file.

Taking a screenshot with your phone is even easier than on a computer. You just need to figure out the key-combination for your model. Below you can find some of the most common ways to do it, but if your phone has a different model or different operating system – a quick Google search will point you in the right direction.

iPhone – With the iPhone, there’s one way to capture screenshots for all models. You simply press the Home key and the Power key at the same time. This will capture exactly what’s on your screen at the moment and will automatically save the image to your camera roll. Works on iPads too.


How to Take Screenshots on Your iPhone

Android 4.0 – For this version of the Android operating system there is also a universal combo for screenshots. Just click Volume Down and Power at the same time – et voila! Images are saved to your photo gallery.

How to Take Screenshots on Your Android smartphone

Android Apps for Screenshot – Rooted phones (“open” devices) can use this app  for snapping screenshots. It’s simple and supports many different models. Another option that doesn’t require root access is this app, which does require a fee.

Android Apps for Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy S3 – With this device, the screenshot option is especially elegant. What you do is you turn your hand to the side and then swipe it across the screen. It’s not as weird as it sounds, just watch this video and you’ll figure it out.

Samsung Galaxy Gio – Yet another simple clicking duo – hold the Back button and press Home. Need a video? Here you go!

HTC Desire – Power button and Home button. As easy as it sounds :)  [video]

LG Optimus & LG G2X – Once again, Home key and Power key will do the trick [video].


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