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Promote Your Site \ JUL 12th 2012

How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion

Converting site visitors into customers is the top goal of every online business. Many small businesses get a beautiful website on air and wait for clients to start gushing in, but it’s not always that simple. Online shops and web services sometimes overlook important factors that can substantially improve or hurt conversion rates.

There a few simple steps you can implement on your website to successfully raise your conversion rates. For starters, check out these following tips collected from Wix marketing experts:


1. Minimize Steps Necessary for Final Purchase


Reduce Steps Before Final Purchase

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How many steps does it take for the average visitor to complete a purchase on your website, from the moment the homepage loads until the final click? The answer to this question is critical for any business owner who tries to understand and improve conversion.

The rule of thumb says that the more stages and clicks visitors go through, the less likely it is that they will complete the process. You need to see how you can make this process shorter for them. Less clicks equals more business!


2. Be Accessible


Be Accessible

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Online shopping requires a great deal of trust. One way to show your potential clients that your business is reliable and trustworthy is to be accessible to them.

You should provide site visitors with as many options to contact you as possible – phone, email, social media links, etc. Not many people would trust a small business website that offers only a contact form with their money. It is also vital that you make it easy to find your contact details on your website, ideally on more than one spot.


3. Call to Action

Call to Action

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One of the most important terms in the world of online marketing is “Call to Action” (CTA). It’s basically a tool to encourage users to perform a certain action, like buttons or links that say “Join Now”, “Try for free!” or “Get Started >>”. It’s a great motivator for website visitors to take the action you want them to take.

Calls to action always call for an active move on the side of the user. They should be short and transmit a sense of immediacy (not in a stressful way).  Make sure your call to action stands out and doesn’t blend in with the rest of the text. Also, you should use this tool wisely, and not cover your entire website with them. For more tips on this, check out this free ebook from Hub Spot.


4. High-Quality, Conversion-Oriented Visuals


High Quality, Conversion Oriented Visuals

Image Source: Shutterstok

Seems like an obvious thing to avoid, but many online business owners still make the mistake of using old, unappealing and pixelated images of their product or services. Using high-quality visuals is an absolute must. If needed, hiring a professional photographer for a shooting session is not a bad idea.

But the images you upload to your website shouldn’t just be pleasant, they should be optimized to sell. Just as you would edit a PR text about your service to highlight all the positive aspects, you need to use images that really emphasize your product’s strong points.


5. Reviews & Feedback

Reviews & Feedback

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It’s a rather known fact that smart online shoppers consult previous reviews and ratings before purchasing on the web. Displaying feedback from previous clients is very reassuring, while the lack of them might indicate that a product has very little success. Of course, once you decide to upload reviews to your website you should monitor them carefully to make sure they don’t harm you.

There are a couple of ways to display feedback from clients on your website. You can integrate an external widget that collects and displays reviews directly from your website. You can also create a page for testimonials and quote happy clients. The first method requires that you monitor the incoming feedback closely, while in the second method you need to actively contact clients, ask for their review and for the permission to publish it.


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