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Promote Your Site \ JUN 19th 2012

HTML5 Tips: How to Integrate Social Media into your Website

How to make you website more social

Fans, friends and followers are the heart of any business and your website must take them in mind.

Making your website more social-friendly has plenty of advantages:

  • It opens more communication channels between you and your website visitors.
  • It invites your site visitors to act as “ambassadors” on your behalf and promote your website on their personal social channels.
  • It wins you some points for keeping up to date with web trends.
  • It’s a simple way to add interactive content to your website.

The last point is interesting because many website owners don’t realize how easy it is to make their site social. Wix’ HTML5 website builder simplifies it even further by using ready-made add-ons and widgets.

Let’s view all the ways you can integrate social media with Wix.


Social Add-Ons

In the HTML5 editor, go to Add and then Social to find various social buttons that are ready for use. You can choose one or more of these buttons:

Add Button wix editor

  • Facebook Like button – visitors can Like your website’s URL.
Facebook like/Recommend Button
  • Facbeook Recommend button – visitors can recommend your website to their Facebook friends.
  • Facebook comments – visitors can leave comments on your site, using their Facebook profiles.
Facebook comments
  • Twitter Follow button – visitors can follow your Twitter account.
Twitter Follow Tweet Button
  • Twitter Tweet button – visitors can post a tweet created by you on their Twitter feed (e.g. “Checking out XY’s wonderful website!”).
  • Twitter Feed – your feed will be embeded to the site, showing all your Twitter updates
  • Google +1 button – visitors can +1 your website’s URL.
Google +1 Button
  • Social bar – a suite of three buttons that link to your Facebook page, Twitter account and Google+ page will.
Social Bar

All of these options are customizable and editable, so you can choose between different button styles, colors, sizes and more.




If you’re looking for further social tools to integrate into your website, you can use the HTML add-on and embed the codes of many tools that are available online.

Simply go to Add, choose Add ons from the menu and click HTML.

To embed a specific tool or widget, choose the HTML Code mode and enter the code as provided by the third-party source.

This way, you can add a Pinterest Follow button, a Facebook Like box, a LinkedIn Share button and many more. You just need to grab the code directly from these sources, copy and paste it into the Wix editor and that’s it!

(Please keep in mind that we cannot provide full support services for widgets that have been integrated from third-party websites. We advise you to use codes from reliable and known sources only).



If you’re already in the social mood, take a look to the left, where you’ll notice the Wix Blog social sharing options. Feel like spreading the word to your friends? :)

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