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HTML5 Tips: Add Drop-Down Menus to Your Website

How to Add a Drop-down Menu to your HTML5 Website

There’s nothing like announcing a new feature, especially when we know so many of you were looking forward to :)

After you decide to create a website, it's time to determine how you are going to configure the website layout. And HTML5 dropdown menus are a great way to enhance your website navigation.

Drop down menus are now available on HTML5 websites! 

Drop down website menus are a great way save space on your website and neatly organize subcategories. Drop-down menus also improve a website’s usability by reducing the numbers of clicks from the main navigation menu.

Websites that have a large number of pages, or that require organizing content into different themes, can benefit a great deal from using drop down menus to improve the overall user experience.  And now to the juicy part:

How to add a drop down menu to your HTML5 website

  • In the HTML5 editor, click on Pages.

  • The pages window that now opened shows all the pages that currently exist in your template (Home, About, Contact, etc.). Let’s say you want to add a sub page to the About page.

  • Click on About in the Pages menu.

  • Now click on the Add Page link.

  • You can now choose the layout to your new sub-page and name it.

  • Check the “Add as sub page” checkbox and click OK.

  • You will now see that the sub-page has been added to your menu, right below the About page.

And that’s it! If you go to the preview mode you’ll see that the-sub page you added is viewable through the drop-down menu. Your website menu design has now been improved!

If you’re adding a drop down menu to your HTML5 website, please share it with us here in the comments!

By The Wix Team


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