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New Features \ MAY 8th 2012

Wix HTML5 Product Drops Support for IE8

Big news folks: starting today our HTML5 product will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. Get this – dropping support for IE8 will enhance your ability to create beautiful HTML5 websites. Skeptic? Keep reading.

Why We’re Dropping Support for IE8

Following the exciting launch of our  HTML5 website builder, our current target is to turn it into the most powerful website builder in the market. IE8, however, interferes with this mission. In terms of browser functionality, IE8 is considered far behind the curve: it is slow to load, ranks low on web browser security and doesn’t support rich HTML5 features. Every revolution is fueled by change, and in order to give you the full power of HTML5 technology we’re letting IE8 go.

How Will this Impact Me?

If people using IE8 will visit your website, they’ll still be able to view and interact with your content. However, some advanced HTML5 features will not display as nicely as they would for people using modern browsers. The great news is that by freeing our HTML5 platform from the constraints of IE8 compatibility, we will now be able to integrate spectacular new features for your benefit.

Why Wix Users Are Happy about this Change

During the last few months we’ve been running some tests with Wix users to check your response to the upcoming change. A sample poll we ran showed an overwhelming 89% of Wix users support the addition of advanced HTML5 features over continued support for IE8.

Breaking News

Why This is a Historical Moment 

We’re the first web publishing platform to drop support for IE8. We see this step as a serious commitment to long-term customer satisfaction, greater design flexibility, wider choice and stronger performance.

What If I Have Flash Wix Website?

You and your website visitors will not be affected by this change.

I’m an IE8 User, What Do I Do? 

You can do a number of things. If you like Internet Explorer and want to continue using it, you can switch to IE9 or wait for IE10, which is supposed to be released soon along with the much anticipated for Windows 8. Alternatively, you can switch to either FireFox or Google Chrome (for best results, make sure you download the latest version). You can also consult this comparative table, to see which browsers work best with HTML5.

So What’s Next?

At Wix we’re super excited about every web evolution – and revolution – that enables us develop the most user-friendly, robust and dynamic web publishing platform in the world. Our developers are already building  added functionalities, ease of use, and beautiful designs. Stay tuned!


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