How to Choose the Best Template for Your Website

Using ready-made website templates is one of the best solutions for building your own website. It allows people with no prior knowledge of web design to make a professional website and saves you a lot of time, hassle and stress. But how do you choose the perfect template to work with? The following steps will help you choose the template that’s right for you:

Choose According to Your Field

Many web design templates are created with a specific theme. You can find templates that were designed for restaurants, event planners, gardeners, NGO’s, yoga instructors and many more!  A themed layout already takes into account the specific needs of website owners and using a template that already matches your type of business or service, saves a lot of  precious customization time.

Choose a Template that Speaks Your Language

Visual language, that is. The ideal template would require the least changes of colors, fonts, icons or stock images. Try to understand what kind of visual language will be the most effective for your target market and choose a template that fits this description. Are you looking for something with a vintage look? Do you need a specific dominant color? Do you have an age-group in mind? Ask yourself such questions before you choose your template.

Consider the Content You Need on your Site

Different website owners need different kinds of content on their sites: a news website needs space for longer texts, as well as an archive option; a consulting company needs a convenient way to display the different services it offers; actors need a good infrastructure for videos; and what about you? The template you choose should offer you an easy way to upload and edit the content you need on your website.  One way to ensure this is to collect the files you’d like to upload to the website before you start looking for a template, so that you know what type of content you’re dealing with.

Browse Through

Don’t decide on a template according to the homepage alone. Go through each page and try to understand the flow of the entire template. One of the most important things in a website is simple and intuitive navigation, so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the navigation of the template you decide to work with.

How Much Effort Are You Willing to Make?

Editing templates is ten times easier than creating a website from scratch, but even amongst templates there are different levels of effort necessary. You need to decide early on if you want a template that requires the minimum amount of trouble, or if you prefer one that has advanced features but will take more of your time.

How Hard Are You Willing to Work

Easy templates have a very simple structure of 4-5 pages and  few customizable elements. If you need something even easier, you can use a one-page template with the most basic features every website needs. Looking for some  inspiration? Check out our “Our Template; Your Web Design” series to see how Wix users are adapting our templates into beautiful websites.

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