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Small Business Tips \ MAY 1st 2012

3 Great Reasons to List Prices on your Website

Fear of Online Pricing

Freelancers and small business-owners  constantly face an old-age dilemma: Should I put prices on my website? As with any juicy, complex question, there’s no one tidy answer. But if you are considering displaying prices on your website, here are 3 good reasons to do it:

Reason #1 for Pricing: People like to Know How Much Stuff Costs

People like to know how much stuff costsPeople shop for any imaginable product or service online: books, music, clothes, catering, copywriting, wedding photography – anything goes. For most people, pricing is one of the first things they want to know: Where can I get the best deal on manicure? What’s the going rate for a good web designer? Can I get a better deal on a local B&B during off-season?

The tricky part is that the pricing we set depends on many factors:  client’s requirements; their profile (student / start-up/ big company); desired deadline, and overall complexity of the project at hand. How do we integrate all these into one fixed price? Susan Payton has an excellent advice: list a “starting price” for your service or product. This will drive out anyone who can’t pay the minimum, and serve as a starting point of future negotiations for all others.

Reason #2: The Question Will Come up Anyway, Right?

The question will come up anyway, right?

If the set of factors in pricing is so complex that you can find no way to give a starting price, try creating a price range. This works as well as a starting price, in terms of giving potential clients a clue to their ability to afford you.

Remember: Pricing has always been and always will be at the root of every transaction. In any initial talk with a client, the question of “how much” will be there from the very start. If your product or service indeed depends on so many factors, why not let customers browse all the options on your website, instead of losing them to a competitor who does?

Reason #3: Google will love you for it

Google Will Love You

According to this illuminating post by Marcus Sheridan, his pool and spa business made a cool $1 million from traffic to a single article about fiberglass pool pricing. Since very few in the industry have ever addressed the issue of pricing on their websites, Sheridan’s business ranked #1 on Google for phrases like “average cost of fiberglass pools”, “how much does a fiberglass pool cost” and so on.

In other words, when the company lost the fear of actually pricing and talking about pricing in the pool business, price-related keywords worked brilliantly in terms of traffic and leads. But you already know this: keywords are at the essence of any good SEO. So why not apply it for pricing-related keywords as well? :)

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