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Wix News \ APR 19th 2012

Cheering for the HTML5 Website Builder Around the Globe

March 26th, 2012, will go down in the history of web publishing as the day on which Wix launched a new HTML5 website builder. For Wix team members all around the globe, this exciting occasion was a good reason to take out the party hats and slam dunk the funk. Let’s have a look at how the HTML5 launch was celebrated:


After months of hard work around the clock, the Tel-Aviv HQ was blowing some steam. Dressed in HTML5 t-shirts, the crew was totally hyped by the launch and by the incredible feedback that started coming in from Wix users all over the world.


March 26th: Mark the Date

HTML5 now on Wix T shirt

Look better online…

HTML5 is in the house!

HTML5 is in the house!

Wix Office in TLV

Got to do some work, after all

Wix Employees jumping with joy

Celebrating the launch with a group hug

Wix Lounge NY

New Yorkers were partying hard at the awesome HTML5 Launch Party in our very own Wix Lounge. In case you missed it, here’s how things went down that night:

Wix' New-York Lounge

Looking hot in HTML5

Wix' New-York Lounge

We <3 HTML5

Doing the HTML5 dance

Doing the HTML5 dance

The Wix League of Justice

Shake that HTML5

Geeks gone wild

Wix Lounge SF

Back at the West Coast, the San Francisco Wix Lounge was holding a crazy party as well. People were drinking, dancing and HTMLin’ late into the night.

Sf Lounge at your service :)

Sf Lounge Team at your service :)

Code name HTML5

Code name HTML5

HTMLin' in SF Photo Booth

HTMLin’ craze

Wix Lounge SF

Fun-Loving HTMLers

Sun Francisco Lounge, Cheers!

San Francisco nights at the Lounge

Want to see more Wix pics? Check out our  Flickr page for more behind-the-scenes fun !

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