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Small Business Tips \ APR 17th 2012

How to Write an eBook that Sells Like Crazy

In the second quarter of 2010,  Amazon.com sold more eBooks than hardcover books – 140 eBooks for every 100 hardcover books. With that small bit of statistics, a revolution was born. If you want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, or simply feel that you want to help and educate others while creating an extra income in the process, you’re a great candidate for writing and publishing an eBook.  But how to write an eBook that sells? Here’s our five tips for writing an eBest Seller:

1. Passion Makes You a Better Writer

baby with pencil

The topic of your eBook is crucial to its success. And your success depends on what you’re good at, knowledgeable about, and passionate for.  It’s perfectly ok if you’re just in it for the dough, but you have to choose a topic that you can have fun with. No one has cracked the exact formula for success and fortune yet, but if you look around at successful writers and eWriters, you’ll see at least this in common: they love their work.

2. Find Out What your Readers Need

what you need to know

In order to find a topic, it’s not only vital that you write about a topic you’re passionate about, but also that you find out what your readers want. Find out their needs, and set out to meet them.

Most of us assume we know what people need or want, but that’s a dangerous assumption that might cost you valuable time. Instead of second-guessing your audience, do some marketing research, using Google’s Keyword tool, Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. These three tools will give you an excellent insight into what your potential clients are searching for and what topics rank as most important to them.

3. Genius is 10% Inspiration, 90% Research

book open with letters

Once you’ve found a topic that meets an actual need, research it. Your name and reputation are crucial for the sales of this eBook, and the next one, and the one after that :) So make sure you bring your readers the most valuable, up-to-date and accurate information in the most engaging way possible. Don’t write sketchily and don’t overwhelm your readers with pages full overbearing facts. If you’re not sure you know what an eBook should read like, read as many eBest sellers as you can and take your time to master the formula.

4. Let Others Edit your Work

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Golden rule? No one can be their own editor. We all tend to get too involved in our own work to see faults obvious to others. Handing your draft over to a professional proof-reader is not an option or a luxury but an absolute must.

5. Finally, See How These Guys and Gals Made it Big

golden eggs in nest

Take some time to read these following posts and interviews. Although they may not always be in agreement all give important insights about packaging, marketing and making it successfully to your next project.

Jeff Goins, for example, author of The Writer’s Manifesto, explains why collaboration and online mingling is important in the marketing stage. For a light reading that includes some tips for getting started, delve into this post 14 accomplished eBook authors explaining their path to success. And don’t miss out on Glenn Allsopp, who writes beautifully on how he got started on his $30,000 eBook.

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