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Social Media \ APR 9th 2012

How to Promote Your Business with Pinterest

Promote Your Business with Pinterst

You like pretty things, don’t you?  Then you must have paid a visit to Pinterest, the latest buzz in social media and content sharing platforms. If you never visited Pinterest before, it’s time to get to know the visually dazzling pin-board-like-service and learn a few of the basics that can come in handy when promoting your business.

As the name suggests, Pinterest is an online pin board for interests, “things” you want to share.  It’s a place where people pin images they find on the web of anything from art inspirations to home decor genius, to colorful dessert recipes. You can create your own pin boards according to topic and upload pictures from your collection and from your various browses on the web.  You can also engage by following other people’s pins and re-pin them on your own board. Fun all the way.

But beyond just fun, Pinterest is also showing excellent business potential as a place for brands and companies to visually communicate with their audiences.  In January, Pinterest was said to have more traffic than Google Plus, Linked in and Twitter combined.

The most popular topics shared on the platform fall within the range of food, photography, design, art, DIY crafts, fashion, books, films, home décor, and event planning. If your line of business is based םמ one of these categories, you can use the platform to open your own pin boards and attract attention to your products and services.  Each pinned photo also includes one link back to your site so you can drive traffic there directly.

How to get started on Pinterest

Although Pinterest has grown substantially in the past few months, sign up is still on an invite only basis. You can either get another member to invite you to join, or request an invite from the main site by contacting them on the home page.

Once you’ve signed in, Pinterest will ask about your interests so they set you up with an initial group of users based on your taste.

Pinterest sign-up
Next, they’ve already set you up with pinboards of related interests.

Pinterest sign-up step 2
Right away, you can start creating your very own pinboards.

 Pinterest sign up - Creating your own boardsTips for promoting your business on Pinterest

1. Look for users who are active in your area of expertise. Search for keywords and hashtags through Pinterest search to find users who are interested in your industry. You can also use the “People” filter to locate profiles of people following topics which are related to your brand. Then, you can  find the people who are following this crowd and reach an even larger number of users with interests related to your brand.

2. Check who’s already talking about your brand. Type in the name of your website in this fashion: pinterest.com/source/mywebsite.com and discover who’s already pinning your brand by seeing which pins originate in your website.  If people are already talking about your brand, this check will provide vital information on your best, most liked products and services.

3. Time to interact. Now that you found your Pinterest followers and like-minded people, it’s time to start interacting. Join the conversation or start one yourself by adding comments, likes and repins. If you found people who are already talking about your brand, thank them for mentioning your product. Just like any social network, Pinterest enables companies and businesses to reach their customers in a personal, informal way.  Engage with the community.

4. Make use of hashtags. The visual nature of Pinterest makes it a harder to index and to group in together in terms of search engines. But like Twitter, Pinterest uses hashtags to help people quickly and conveniently discover conversations on particular topics they’re interested in. In the description of the photo you’re pinning, hashtag (#) the keywords that best describe the picture and make sure the tagged words are broad and cover topics that connect you to the largest audience possible. If, for example, you’re pinning a picture of a new dress design, use tags #fashion or #clothes, rather than just #dress. Hashtags will make you content more accessible to your potential customers.

5. Use the Pinterest button on your Wix site. Add a Pinterest “Pin it” button to your Wix site. Make it easier on your website’s visitors to share  love for your products on their own pinboards.

6. Integrate with other social media platforms. Use your other social profiles to direct traffic to your pin boards. Some of your Facebook fans or your Twitter followers are possible pinners. Let them know about your pinboards and your recent activity and latest pins.

Naturally, you should also promote your Pinterest boards on your Wix site – Follow these simple steps. And of course, don’t forget to check out Wix’s dazzling Pinterest boards.

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