FAQs: Discover the Wix HTML5 Website Builder

Have you already tried Wix’ new HTML5 website builder? Day by day, we see more and more beautiful HTML websites created with Wix. It’s really inspiring to see how fast our users are adapting to the new editor and creating such stunning websites. You guys rock!

Now that Wix is in HTML5, many excited users are contacting us with questions about the new editor and the latest developments. To make it easier for everyone, here are the most relevant questions and answers regarding the HTML5 website builder:

Q: What is HTML5?

A: HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML developing language. It’s considered a highly powerful and reliable language for creating web content. Read More

Q: What are the benefits of the new editor?

A: Wix’ HTML5 editor offers many perks: Websites created on the new editor are viewable on ALL devices; Extended social sharing tools; New features for customization and many other advantages! Read more

Q: How can I find the HTML5 templates?

A: Either go to this page or login to your Wix account, go to ‘Create’ and choose HTML5 from the list of categories.

Q: How can I edit the HTML5 templates?

A: The HTML5 website builder was created to make it as easy for you as possible to edit, customize and tweak your site.  Read More

Q: How can I easily customize my website’s layout?

A: We made it especially easy to customize Backgrounds, Colors and Fonts – the most basic elements of your website. You can control these elements with one click and apply changes to the entire website. Read More

Q: What is the Social premium package?

A: This new premium package allows you to upgrade your website AND your Wix Facebook Page at the same time, so you get a stunning premium website and a matching social extension. Read More on Wix Facebook Pages

Q: If Wix is now on HTML5, does this mean that the Flash site I created with Wix will be lost?

A: Absolutely not! Flash is a great platform and we will continue to develop and improve our Flash editor. You can now choose whether you would like to build a website with HTML5 or with Flash – whichever suits YOUR needs. Read More

Q: Will Wix HTML sites replace Wix Mobile sites?

A: Nope. Wix HTML sites are accessible on all mobile devices. WixMobile sites are optimized for the very unique nature of mobile browsing. So even though Wix HTML sites can be viewed everywhere, we still recommend taking the few minutes to create a WixMobile site to boost your visitors’ user experience. More on WixMobile

Q: Will the Flash templates be adjusted to HTML5?

A: Our studio is working hard to recreate many of the Flash templates with HTML5, but on top of that we now have dozens of new templates that were especially designed for the HTML5 website builder. See the HTML5 Templates

Q: Can I transfer my premium status from my Flash Wix site to my HTML5 Wix site?

A: Yes! You can manage your upgraded Wix sites from the ‘My Account’ page, by clicking on the ‘Manage Premium’ button. Keep in mind that at this stage there is no eCommerce package for HTML5 websites. Read More

Q: Are the new HTML sites better for SEO than a site that I created with Flash?

A: All Wix Flash websites are based on a SEO friendly XML structure, which makes any content easily viewable and crawlable by Google and other search engines. Wix’ HTML websites have been designed to cater to the latest Search engine crawling technologies. In both of our platforms we will continue to perfect our SEO settings to ensure maximum search engine visibility for your websites. Read More

Q: When you write in the Editor about “Elements”, what does it mean?

A: An “Element” is any kind of content that appears on your site. It can be a navigation menu, a single button, an image, a video player, a text paragraph, etc. Read More on the different Elements in the editor.

Q: How can I make an Element visible on all my site pages?

A: Some elements, like logos, website headers or menus, are meant to appear throughout the entire site. You can easily do this by checking the “Show on all pages” checkbox that appears in the element’s settings. Read More on the HTML5 Editor

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To get to know the HTML5 editor inside out, check out this How-To video:

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