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Small Business Tips \ MAR 6th 2012

Chef Christophe’s Great eCommerce Success

Website: Christophe’s Kitchen

Service: Delicious meals delivered from Chef Christophe’s kitchen directly to your table

Open since: November, 2010

Operating from: North Fulton County, GA, USA

Chef Christophe Website

Chef Christophe Website

How Things Got Cooking

Before webmaster Charlotte Carlyle and French chef Christophe Le Metayer joined hands, his home-cooking delivery service was marketed through flyers, word-to-mouth and a loyal fan base.

Chef Christophe needed a website and Charlotte had the experience needed to design and operate one. A quick search landed them at Wix.com. “Everyone liked the creativity and ease of use of Wix”, says Charlotte. “The eCommerce feature makes it easy to update and perform web maintenance.”

With the site up and running, Chef Christophe’s service was ready to expand, targeting families and individuals with a very busy lifestyle who still want to enjoy tasty and healthy food: “Our demographic consists of two earner households, busy singles and professionals who want a great-tasting, healthy and affordable dinner, but don’t have the time to go to the grocery store with their list, come home, prepare and then clean up”, says Charlotte.


Fruits of Success

Charlotte and Chef Christophe believe that the online presence is really helping Christophe’s Kitchen’s growth, which is evident in more than one ways.

For starters, Chef Christophe has added a complete menu of Paleo Diet Dinners to his offerings. A lunch catering service, targeting local businesses, has also been added to the site. And in addition to that, the service recently moved into a brick and mortar location, serving as a walk-in business and catering a growing fan base.

The Chef is constantly changing his offerings, which requires a frequent updating of the website. But there’s a positive side to that: “It’s a wonderful way for keeping customers engaged and coming back each week”, says webmaster Charlotte.

Running an Online Kitchen

Christophe’s Kitchen is doing a great job promoting the service online, using a Facebook page, Twitter account, local online directories and Groupon discount coupons.

With these efforts, Charlotte and Christophe are hoping to see a nice, steady increase in monthly sales, with the intention “to continue to be able to offer enough value to retain the customers who use our services.”

From her experience with a successful eCommerce service, Charlotte offers a valuable tip to fellow online shop owners: “Keep your content fresh and updated so that the public will want to come back to visit your site. Whatever your product, keep it affordable and be responsive to customer inquiries.”

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