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Wix Updates \ FEB 9th 2012

Co-work & Network at the Wix Lounge San Francisco!

If you live in or visited New-York, you’re probably already familiar with the Wix Lounge NY, the hottest free co-working space in the big apple.  Now it’s time to introduce you to its West Coast twin – the Wix Lounge SF!

For several months now, the Wix Lounge SF provides Bay Area creative professionals with a cutting edge location for networking, co-working, event hosting and partying – all for free.

Lounge Life

Located in one of the coolest and most inspiring areas of the city, the Mission District, the lounge operates as a top-notch shared working space by day, and as a fun event venue by night.

During the day, people who come to work at the Wix Lounge SF can interact with Wix team members and get expert tips on how to create and maintain their websites, or to exchange ideas with other Wix users who frequent the Wix Lounge SF- small business owners, web designers, artists, freelancers and creative people of all sorts!

Almost every evening, the lounge is hosting interesting and unique events, such as art exhibitions, movie nights, live music shows, theme parties, professional workshops, cooking classes and non-profit events. Check out the SF Lounge calendar and catch up with all the upcoming events.

And… If you’re interested in hosting an event in the lounge, feel free to get in touch!


Wix Lounge San Francisco

SF Wix Academy

One of the lounge’s highlights is the Wix Academy, an ongoing professional course that walks you through the process of creating a website – from web design basics, through SEO to social media promotion.

Wix Academy classes are taught by experts who guide participants through all stages of creating a successful online presence. Wix team members provide personal assistance to the students, guaranteeing that they make the best out of their education at the lounge.

It is a unique opportunity to receive valuable information and experience with web content, and believe it or not – it’s absolutely free.


Wix Lounge San Francisco

Wix Local

The SF Lounge staff strongly believes in getting involved with the community. In addition to hosting and supporting numerous events for non-profits, the team actively volunteers with a variety of local organizations.

Families in need were invited last Thanksgiving to the lounge, where they were served food by the staff. Our team was also happy to join hands with the Larkin Street Youth organization and plant trees in the Haight District, as well as to provide mentoring services in computer and tech skills to the Walden House organization.

 Wix Lounge San Francisco

Don’t Be A Stranger!

If you’re a Bay Area local, feel free to drop by and bring your laptop, since you’ll want to stick around for a while :)

If you’re visiting San Francisco and got the Wix bug, make sure you squeeze in a visit to the lounge between Alcatraz and Pier 39. Word of advice: Don’t use the name “Frisco” around the locals.

Wix Lounge SF

2601  Mission Street,  3rd Floor
(above US Bank)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Email: sf@wix.com


M-F 10am – 4pm (depending on event schedules) 

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