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Inspiration \ FEB 14th 2012

Tweetable Tips: Valentine’s Day Dont’s

Valentine’s Day is truly a wonderful day, as long as you don’t make any fatal mistakes. Some people need guidance on Valentine’s. That’s why we gathered 10 tweetable tips for things you would NOT want to do on this international day of love.

To share these great tips with your friends, simply click on each link. A Twitter window will pop up and you can tweet away.

Have fun!


No. 1: #ValentinesDonts: Telling your loved one what you & your ex did last year on Valentine’s Day

couple on beach holding hands
No. 2:
#ValentinesDonts: Preparing a huge romantic dinner for your date. And your best friend. Who just got dumped. And hates happy couples

3 coockies

No. 3: #ValentinesDonts: Asking your parents for Valentine’s Day tips

old couple

No. 4: #ValentinesDonts: Telling your loved one that what you got them for Valentine’s is a hug “because that’s all that matters”

two tigers

No. 5: #ValentinesDonts: Making a simulation of you & your sweetheart as an old couple, so they know what to expect when you grow old together 

old couple hugging

No. 6: #ValentinesDonts: Promising your girlfriend a romantic getaway, and ending up taking her to a Civil War reenactment 

Exciting Dates

No. 7: #ValentinesDonts: Giving your boyfriend two lists – one with optional boy names and one with optional girl names

pregnant woman holding bottles

No. 8: #ValentinesDonts: Surprising your Valentine by saving a sexy pic of yourself as their desktop wallpaper. At work 

Man looking on computer screen

No. 9: #ValentinesDonts: Eating a double chili cheese burger, shrimp cocktail & onion rings a few hours before going on your Valentine’s date

woman twitching nose to bad smell

No. 10: #ValentinesDonts: Trusting your 17-year-old babysitter that she’s not going to bring her boyfriend over while you two are out celebrating

teenage love

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