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Inspiration \ FEB 14th 2012

Bloody Valentine: Get Revenge on Your Ex – Online!

Get Revenge on Your Ex Online !

Sadly, not all of us have someone to cuddle with on Valentine’s… Now who’s fault is that? That’s right – the ex’s!

If you’re spending a lonely Valentine’s, better use it to get back at your ex instead of crying yourself to sleep. No need to send them dead roses! You can get all the revenge you need online.  Check out these naughty revenge tricks.

Disclaimer: The Wix Blog believes that forgiving and forgetting is the best way to get over your ex and that success is the best revenge.

1. Build a website with Wix that is dedicated to your ex’ most hated sports team or most despised band. Sign all texts on the site with your ex’s name. Add photos, heart-icons, butterflies, kiddy animations and get well wishes.

 2. Your ex always wanted to try sword fish / weekend in the country / dancing class but you always flatly refused? Now’s the time to expand your horizons and try all these wonderful things! Make sure to snap photos of yourself doing them and upload them to every profile you have with a description of how much fun you’re having.

3. Have a photo of your ex sleeping with their mouth open and drooling a bit? Any other incriminating photos? Add a juicy tag and share them with the world! You can also add interesting elements using Photoshop (e.g. a fly).

4.  Google auto-completes search queries according to popular search terms. Unless your ex is a celebrity, there shouldn’t be too many Google searches under their name. This means  you can actually influence the search suggestions associated with it. How? Get your friends goggling around the clock, searching for: “[ex name] is a [heartwarming adjective]”.  If you do it often enough, Google will pick up on your recommendation :)

5. Make sure your Facebook feed is filled with “…is now friends with…” notifications. Ideally, all those new friends will be of the opposite sex (or same sex, no presumptions here), and ideally, they will all be smoking hot.

6. Sign your ex up for fascinating newsletters or RSS feeds. There’s the “Cattle & Livestock Newsletter”, the “Adult Diapers Newsletter” and the RSS feed of the “Association for Romantic Love of Humans to Animals”, to name just a few.

7. If you had a good relationship with your ex’s family, show them the love! Become Facebook friends with them, like and share their pics, retweet their posts, and comment with enthusiasm on their online activity. A breakup doesn’t mean that ALL bridges must be burnt, right?…

8. Go on different Q&A sites, like Yahoo! Answers or Answers.com, and post the most embarrassing questions you can come up with (“HOW DO I TURN OFF CAPS LOCK???”). Sign with your ex’s full name, place of residence and age.

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