Amazing Adult Remakes of Childhood Photos

Ever wondered what it would be like to revisit your childhood scenes as an adult? Photographer Irina Werning from Bueons Aires, Argentina, is doing almost that. In her “Back to the Future” photography project, Werning is recreating childhood photos by positioning their protagonists in the exact same scenery, wardrobe and atmosphere, but this time as grown ups. The result is fascinating, and not only thanks to the vintage charm of the old photos. The juxtaposition of the two images highlights the child within the adult. These two photo-instances tell a life story of a person, and Werning’s remarkable talent allows us to have a glimpse at that story.

If you want to create your own “Back to the Future” photo, you can share it on the Young Me blog. It will definitely bring back some great childhood memories.

While on the topic of photo remakes, you can still submit your photos to Wix’s Art:Reloaded  photo remake challenge. The challenge ends on Feb  29 and we’re giving away an iPad to the best photo remake of a famous painting, album or magazine cover. If you’re looking for some information, you can see some of the awesome submissions we already received from Wix users here:

Andy 1964 & 2011 Los Angeles By Irina Werning

Carol 1960 & 2011 NY

Johannes 1994 & 2011 Hambourg

Juan Carlos 1982 & 2011 Buenos Aires

Lea B 1980 & 2011 Paris

Daphne 1986 & 2011 Paris

Alexandra 1970 & 2011 Paris

Sander 1983 & 2011 Rotterdam

Violeta 1981 & 2011 Buenos Aires

Evan 1957 & 2011 NY

Sole 1988 & 2011 Buenos Aires

Maria Jose 1983 & 2011 Buenos Aires

Patrick 1986 & 2011 Paris

The Zurbanos 1999 & 2011 Buenos Air



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