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Google & SEO \ FEB 21st 2012

20 Cool Things You Can Do on Google (pt. 2)

Google is a super powerful search engine but are you familiar with the bunch of other handy features it provides? Since most people aren’t we’ve put together a list of  some of the most useful but least known Google tricks. If you’re just joining-in be sure to check out 20 Cool Things You Can do on Google (pt. 1) 

6. Faster than ever Searches

Dr. Andrew D. Asher, lead research anthropologist in the ERIAL project in Illinois, found that 3 out of 4 students cannot execute a “well-executed search” on Google. “Just because you’ve grown up searching things in Google”, claims Dr. Asher, “doesn’t mean you know how to use Google as a good research tool”.

Get more Out of Google Infographics

This very useful infographic will tell you all you need to know before you start searching the Web. You will learn how to search for articles in specific sites, how to use the very wonderful Google Scholar, and by your next paper, you will have learned all about creating an excellent bibliography.

7. Learn your weight in kilos

The Google Unit Converter lets you convert between many different units of measurement: temperature, length, height, mass/weight, from the U.S system to the Metric system. Just type you value, click the convert button and get the result.

8.  3D Modeling for Everyone

Google SketchUpGoogle Sketchup is a free 3D modeling tool that lets users create, modify and share 3D models – it is easy enough to use even if you are a non-designer, and just want to upgrade your blog or site.

9. Turn Google into a Quick Calculator

Google CalculatorLet’s face it: in any given time, you have at least one open Google tab on your hands. Why not use it? You can dispense with you mobile phone calculator and your desktop calculator, and use Google Calculator instead. It enables you to perform a number of math operations – from simple math like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to more advanced math, like constants etc.

10. Convert Currencies on Your Search Bar

Here is a super-fast way to to convert your local currency to any other: just type 1000 USD in Euros, or any other sum and currency, and get a quick, reliable result. If you need to check multiple currencies quickly, you can use Google Currency Converter.


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