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Wix News \ JAN 12th 2012

Woof! Meet Wix’s Top Dawgs!

Wix Dogs have a special place in the office. They roam the hallways, storm into conference rooms, and wait for hand-outs of food and attention in the kitchen. They’re a staple of Wix life, and they deserve to be honored with a blog post devoted entirely to them. In fact, our office rooms are often not identified by room # but by the name of the dog who “works” there.

Wix Dog with speech bubble "Feed me! I'm a Wix Dog"

Wix Dogs are sometimes referred to by department, sorta like The Gangs of Wix Dogs. There are the ‘Wix Support Dogs’, ‘Studio and Marketing Dogs’, and ‘Product Dogs’. Some gangs stick closely together, while others include informants and double agents who technically are in one gang, but think they’re in another.

Come meet the crew!





Spiffy, aka Brown Sugar, has made a long way from his days as a scruffy mutt to the top executive he is today, and he has Wix to thank for that. As a proud member of the community team, Spiffy sports a Facebook profile and fan page, a Twitter channel, a Flickr account and a YouTube channel. He frequently updates his followers about his life, like in which room in the house he currently is napping.


Pipo’s mom is a Community Manager. This tiny dog once played fetch for seven hours straight(!). Two other of his highlights are digging a small bunker under his mom’s sofa & smelling like an old pirate. Besides that, he’s super friendly and a big fan of cheese.




Wix Dog # 1 - Jacko

The original Wix Dog. Jacko was one of the first Wix employees and has built a free website for every version of the editor. Both of his parents are department managers, so he has a lot on his doggy-plate. He loves sitting on the lap of a brilliant Wix web designer at work…you can find glamour shots of him right inside Wix’ image libraries!



Wix Dog # 3: Suzi 

Suzi’s dad is a web designer and Flash animator in the Wix Studio. His baby Suzi is afraid of her own shadow, but loves to visit her friends on the WixPromote team.






Wix Dog # 2: Toby


Toby’s momma is away on maternity leave, so he’s home getting used to his new baby brother. We are counting down the days until he’s back at work with us, wandering around and occasionally howling a tune. Toby is an official member of the Wix Affiliates program, and uses the extra dough he makes to buy new bones.



 Wix Dog # 16: Yager

Jager is a debonair Dogue de Bordeaux, and one of the newest additions to the Wix family. His mommy works hard on providing fresh content to the Wix editor. Currently, Jager’s favorite feature is ‘auto-play’.



Wix Dog # 15: Shvitzy

Shvitzy name means “sweaty” in Yiddish. It makes sense, considering her favorite spot on Wix’ sunny roof. Shvitzy’s dad is a WixMobile developer. Rumor has it that the amount of coding that goes on in her office would make anyone break into a sweat.




Wix Dog # 5: Kafka

As you can see, Kafka is a stud. He’s a featured “Hipster Puppy” in this book. When Kafka’s not breaking hearts, he’s helping users connect their Wix sites to their domains. As one of the most experienced Support dogs, he acts as a sort of mentor to the new guys. He loves using the Wix Help Center, under his mom’s alias.


Wix Dog # 17: Rapido

Rapido is a pure-bred Hungarian Vizsla. Every day he runs along as his dad’s bikes to work, and cannot sit still for a second. Hence the name.



Wix Dog # 8 - Cava

This little doggy doesn’t drink water out of bowls – only cups with Wix logos on them. Like much of the WixSupport squad, Cava brings a little international flavor to the team; she was born in Budapest. She works with her dad on QA for Support, and her favorite spot at Wix is the fake grass in front of reception (she doesn’t know it’s fake).


Wix Dog # 6: Bomba

This snapshot captures Bomba doing what she does best: shopping online for doggy clothing. Here, she’s browsing a Wix eCommerce shop for doggy dresses (she’s a real girlie-girl). Her momma works on Wix Support for languages, so Bomba’s favorite Wix site is AyudaWix -the Spanish version of WixAnswers.



Wix Dog # 9: Luna

Luna just wants to play, but her mom is a Language Support Team Leader. So it’s a good thing Luna has Tel Aviv beaches right across the street from her office. Nothing like running along the water to unwind after a long day at work.


Wix Dog # 13: Steve-O

When it comes to Premium support, Steve-O and his dad have you covered. Steve-O loves Wix’ eCommerce package and is a whiz at creating eShops with customized product galleries and shopping carts.


Wix Dog # 14: Bono

 Bono was made famous for a pee-and-run on an orange couch in Wix Support. He was caught on camera; kinda ironic considering his mommy prepares Wix’ video tutorials… OK not that ironic. No connection whatsoever, actually.




Wix Dog # 11: Betsy

Betsy trots around the marketing department like she owns the place, and has no problem barking at those who actually do. She loves how Google-friendly Wix is and as an SEO expert, enjoys 1st page rankings for many of her keywords. Wix’ SEO Monitoring Tool is easy enough for Betsy to use.



Wix Dog # 4: Rocko

Rocko is a gentle little boy trapped inside a big dog’s body. He loves playing Frisbee on Tel Aviv’s beaches, and has 2 cats for roommates. Rocko’s place at Wix is in WixPromote, where his dad helps users promote their websites.



Wix Dog # 10: Kuni

Kuni is a 4-year-old Shih-Tzu whose mom works in HR. But we consider him a “Marketing Dog” because of where his office is. Kuni loves traveling and recently visited Wix Ukraine in search of fresh recruits. Want to work at Wix? Meet your last round interviewer. He’s great at sniffing out new hires. . .



Wix Dog # 11: Tsemmer

Tsemmer means “wool” in Hebrew. Like, the fabric. The “Dog Whisperer” is Tsemmer’s favorite TV show. Here you can see her hard at work while her dad gives some IT help to a Wix employee. Tsemmer, down!


Wix Dogs Collage



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