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Small Business Tips \ JAN 10th 2012

5 Mobile Predictions for 2012

Mobile 2012: 5 Predictions for the New Year

There are many exciting speculations and predictions about the mobile market in 2012. Thing is, battles between mobile giants mean the world for corporates but aren’t that relevant to us common people. That’s why we came up with predictions that may very well be relevant for average mobile users:  Smartphone owners, small businesses and app enthusiasts – here’s what you can expect from your mobile in 2012:

 Mobile Payments

While most agree that mobile phones will not be replacing old-fashioned wallets in the next year, 2012 is expected to be the year when consumers take a liking to the idea of purchasing via mobile. As more and more people are getting accustomed to shopping directly on mobile devices (mCommerce), trusting these devices with our money is gradually becoming a reality. While there are still many open questions about mobile payments, the Smartphone giants are already developing the technology required to allow smooth purchasing, and it might be here sooner than we think.

Search & Content

The huge leap in mobile search in 2011 has shown that it has already become a standard method for getting information. This will have a great impact on mobile content in 2012. Since mobile search is action-oriented, the search results will reflect this by displaying information that is immediately applicable.

With Google introducing an advanced crawling technology for Smartphones, mobile site owners will be paying closer attention to Mobile SEO. This will affect the language and structure of mobile sites just as it affected regular websites.

 Mobile Coupons

2011 was the year of the coupon. In 2012, we will be seeing a shift towards using more mobile coupons, which will free consumers from the nuisance of printing and keeping paper coupons. With the rise of mobile coupons we can expect a bunch of new apps that optimize coupon search. Will there be a flood similar to the one that happened with Groupon-like sites in 2011? It’s more than possible.

 Politics and Activism

In the international protests of 2011, mobile technology played a key role. Mobile devices, usually identified with consumer culture, became a political tool. In 2012, especially with the campaigns for US presidential elections, the mobile sphere will take another step in the politicization process.

Mobile users will have more options to use their phones and tablets to express social and political awareness. So next time your grandfather complains about how mobile phones ruin the world, tell him about Occupy apps.

And what about 2011’s most hyped gadget? Tablets are not going anywhere. In fact, they are on the fast lane to becoming a common part of the household. In 2012, tablet users will push the boundaries of these devices and come up with more creative ways to integrate them into their daily lives.

While quality and performance get better and better, the prices of tablets are actually expected to drop (“Kindle Fire” Effect). However, this will not harm iPad sales and will not prevent it from maintaining the status of an elite tab.

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