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Google & SEO \ JAN 11th 2012

How to Be Friends with Google AdWords # 3

On this third and final Google Adwords post, you’ll learn how to finalize and track your ad campaign. Disclaimer: for higher revenue and best results read part 1 and part 2 of How to Be Friends with Google AdWords first.

  1.  Test ad texts and keywords

Have you noticed that ads on Google and other search engines are different from other ads/banners you see on the web?
This is because users’ behavior is distinct in these two places. When people are searching for things, they are in a different mindset than when they are just reading news/blogs/articles.
They are looking for very specific things and it takes needle-point wording to grab their attention. Here’s how you do it:

  • Include a “call to action” into your ads:  “Buy”,  “Get”, “Book”, “Save” and similar.
  • Add the word “now” to create a sense of connection between space and time.
  • If you have any special offers make sure you include them in your ads!
  • Don’t forget the importance of landing pages – link your specific ad to a specific landing page.

Example: If you’re advertising new sneakers, don’t link the ad to your home page or your general sneakers’ page.
Link the ad to the specific sneakers’ page. That way you won’t lose your customers’ attention and make it more likely for them to go through with the desired action.

 Text ad text and keywords Track results

And last but not least, track your campaign results so you can modify your campaign for even better results in the future. Keeping track of your campaign is simple because all the reports you need are right there within the AdWords interface!

 AdWords Report

You can pull reports from any tab (Campaign, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords) to get as high-level or granular data as you need and use it to track your campaign’s success, depending on the goals you’ve set for it:

 a) Sales – focusing on high volume of purchases
b) Leads – focusing on a ‘contact us’  form or using a phone number to make and offline enquiry about your products/services
c) Sign-ups – focusing on getting users’ data for your database
d) Return on investment (ROI) – focusing on tracking margins from every sale
e) Traffic – focusing on impressions and site visits

 And that’s everything you need to get started with Google AdWords right here! We wish you the best of luck with your Google AdWords campaign and will be happy to answer your questions. Post your questions in the comments section and we’ll have our resident Google AdWords expert reply to them ASAP.

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