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Promote Your Site \ JAN 19th 2012

Expert Tips for Getting More Exposure for Your Blog

Whether you have a professional blog as part of your business strategy, or you take  blogging as a hobby, writing great posts is only half the job. Getting exposure, people to read and engage with your content is the other half. It takes some work; fun, enjoyable work that is.

There are a few actions you can incorporate into your blogging to generate more  response and blast that content forward.  Here are some tips to start you up:

Get the most out of Social media

Expert Tips for Getting More Exposure for Your Blog

You’re already present on one of the 3 top social networks, if not all of them. Automation is key when you want to save the time it takes to connect them with your blog:

•    Link your blog to Twitter. Twitterfeed is a useful, free website application that “feeds your blog to Twitter.” Sign up for an account on Twitterfeed, verify your personal info, and log in. Then click the Create New Feed button to add your blog. From now on, your content will be shared automatically on your Twitter page.  Twitterfeed works with Facebook as well as other social networks.

•    Link your blog to Facebook. Use the NetworkedBlogs application on Facebook. NetworkedBlogs is a user-generated blog directory and syndication tool. Their Facebook app is one of the largest news apps on Facebook.  Go to NetworkedBlogs application and add your blog information as asked. There’s a verification process you’ll be taken through to make sure you’re the author of the blog.

•    Link your blog to LinkedIn. First off, if you haven’t already done so, add your blog link to your profile. To add your post updates automatically, you can use either Bloglink or WordPress applications. Another simple option is to add your Twitter stream to LinkedIn, and then, by default, as long as your blog posts are updating in Twitter they will also appear on LinkedIn.

To access LinkedIn applications, go to ‘edit profile’ and scroll down to the bottom. You will see a link that says Applications- Add an Application. Pick your selection of tools and start ramping up your LinkedIn, to get better exposure.

LinkedIn Apps


Use Flashy and Optimized Titles

Get attention to your posts and make sure people see them as they’re rushing through their day. Use bold, dynamic statements in your title and add zest to them with words like “Killer” “Amazing”, “Thrilling”.  Titles like  “5 life-saving tips for your freelance business” or “10 awesome ideas for your next photo shoot”, get noticed.

It’s critical you use Keywords in titles if you’d like your blog to better indexed by Google. Once you know which keywords you’re using (we’ll talk about it next) make sure to include them in your post title.

SEO your Posts

SEO is an entire field of opportunities if you learn how to use it. First, make sure your blog has a meta title, keywords and description. Second, make sure all your images have alt tags. These are tags that tell search engines what the image is showing and enable it to be better indexed. Third, optimize each individual post by adding meta data relevant to the post.
You have two main options here:

1. Write a SEO pre-meditated post. This means giving SEO some thought and consideration before you write a post, or even as you choose your post topic. To do this, go to Adwords Keyword tool and start by plugging in words relating to your blog’s field or specific to the topic of the post you’d like to write. Google will present to you the search volume of each keyword or keyword phrase you put in and give you many additional ideas.  Knowing the top ranking keywords will help you prepare better for writing your post. For better results, go for the longtail keywords – Those are phrases which are usually 3-5 keywords long.  They have a lower search volume but this also means you have a better chance of getting a higher search rank for your chosen phrases and your traffic will be better targeted.

2. Write a post and optimize it after you finish writing. Use Adwords Keyword tool and get the most relevant keywords, then adjust your post accordingly. You can also use tools like Scribe SEO tool, which will analyze your post and let you know what you need to do in order to optimize it.  It will give you keyword suggestions as well as other recommendations like better keyword density and how to add relevant links.

Write for other Blogs

Connections are great for exposure. Start interacting with other blogs in your industry. Guest blogging is very popular and most blog owners like hosting great guest posts every once in a while. Contact another blogger and offer to share your expertise on their blog. You can invite other bloggers to write a guest post on your blog as well and increase interest among your readers. The best way to go about this is to prepare a list of blogs which are close to your niche but not directly competing with your blog. Then simply email the bloggers to introduce yourself and tell them of the mutual benefit in your offer.


Create a Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a popular user generated content site. You can get some added exposure to your blog as well as back-links. Pages tend to have good authority and rank high on Google so it can prove particularly beneficial if your blog is new. Create a brand page for your blog or individual lenses for posts.

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