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Small Business Tips \ JAN 23rd 2012

Editor’s Picks: Best Free Online Tools #3

Wix’ Twitter list of best online tools for the business keeps growing, as we continue to highlight three great free tools at a time. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Editor’s Picks #1 and Editor’s Picks #2.

Today we introduce three terrific tools that will help you monitor your website’s activity. Keeping track of stats is a burdensome task, but it is absolutely essential. By understanding the graphs and numbers, you can evaluate success, analyze failures and strategize your next moves.

The following tools provide a clear image of website statistics and will get you familiar with what goes on “behind the scenes” of your site.



Alexa’s ranking service

Many Online marketing professionals make no business decision before consulting Alexa’s ranking service. Alexa rates websites according to their popularity (Google is ranked #1, Facebook #2), and provides a comparison between similar websites.

Though some people dispute its accuracy, Alexa rankings are still highly regarded in the industry. That’s why keeping track of your website’s Alexa ranking is important. It also provides information about search terms that lead to your site, a daily visitors count, important demographic data about your visitors and plenty more.

Google Analytics



The most popular tool for website activity stats. Site owners who use Google Analytics start seeing their website in a different light. Analytics helps you understand who is your audience, how did they find your site, what did they do while visiting, and what you can do to guarantee their return.

Frankly, not a day goes by that we don’t check our own Analytics reports to see how we did in the previous day. The data in this tool is so extensive and helpful that it’s almost hard to believe it’s given for free.




WooRank analyzes how well your site is communicating with search engines. In a world where a website’s fate is determined by its rank on Google, understanding your site’s SEO is critical.

After entering your URL, this tool will provide a report about your site’s SEO, as well as a short list of practical things you can do to improve it.

Some information provided by WooRank may sound like gibberish, but they provide a clear explanation for everything. Extremely useful is the ability to see how many links to your site appear on the web and where (good to know – Wix has 323 backlinks from Wikipedia!).

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