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Web Design \ JAN 16th 2012

5 Things to Do With Wix in 2012

Now that we’re all pretty much settled in 2012, it’s time to start being productive! A new year is a great opportunity to set your mind into doing things you didn’t think were possible before. For instance, did you know that with Wix, you can do a lot more than just build your own website?

To help you get into the proactive mode, here’s a list of five cool things you can do with Wix in 2012:


1. Create a Facebook Welcome Page

Create a Facebook Welcome Page with wix

Generate more visits to your website by adding a beautiful Welcome Page to your Facebook fan page. Using a Welcome Page is not just a powerful tool to get more hits to your site, it also makes your fan page stand out with a unique and customized look.

It’s very simple:

And that’s it!


2. Start Your Own Blog


For some people, blogging is a fun hobby. Professionals use blogs as an effective marketing tool. For many others, it is a key method in conveying important information. In short: almost everyone can find blogging useful.

Wix allows you to easily create a blog, either as a standalone or as you build your own site. Intuitive posting, customizable templates and SEO tools guarantee a smooth blogging experience.  To get started, have a quick look at this guide.


3. Make a Mobile Site

woman holding a mobile phone

The internet goes mobile, and so should you! Your business, portfolio or personal site can have a mobile extension in just minutes. Wix Mobile sites are created in HTML5, which means they are available on all iOS, Android and other mobile devices as well.

Log into your Wix account, go to Wix Mobile and start designing with ease – no coding or downloading necessary. Before you know it you’ll have a rad mobile site on the air.


4. Promote Your Site on “My Wix Rocks”

Promote Your Site on “My Wix Rocks”

If your Wix site truly rocks, why not flaunt it and let everybody know?

My Wix Rocks is a gallery of stunning websites, available on Wix’s Facebook page. You can submit your site directly on the page, or browse the sites that were luckily chosen and rate them.

If your site appears on My Wix Rocks, everytime someone rates or comments on it, a Facebook update will appear on that person’s profile. And that, my friends, is social marketing :)


5. Create an Online Shop in Minutes

online shop template

Want to expand beyond the old brick and mortar store? Always dreamed of marketing your unique works but don’t know how to sell them? You need an eCommerce website, and now you can create one without too much hassle and without spending a fortune.

Wix’ eCommerce platform is especially suitable for small businesses. Hop over to the eCommerce Learning Center and see how it’s done. After your online shop is up and running, you can start making profit –  and we will not take even one cent out of your sales.

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