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Google & SEO \ JAN 31st 2012

20 Cool Things You Can do on Google (pt. 1)

20 cool things Google can do for you – Part 1

Being CEO of the internet has its perks: it allows Google – the most popular search engine in the world – to give away some very useful features for practically nothing. Most people,however, are either unaware of Google’s added value or simply don’t know how to use the endless features it offers. That’s why we gathered some of the most useful but least known Google tricks into this list – to turn your Google use into an informed and fun experience.

1.       Check No One is Spying on You

Think you Gmail account might have been hacked? Click the ‘Details’ link at the very bottom of your Gmail page and see when, where and how your Gmail account was last accessed. The last 10 logins are listed.

2.     Add Customized Google Search to your Website Google Custom Search

Google’s Custom Search Engine  enables you to add a customized Google search to your website / blog. This means you can have your visitors use a customized topical search engine that only searches your website/s.


3.       See What the World is Searching for

Google TrendsMany of us are already familiar with Google Trends, a tool that helps users discover the hottest searches on Google.  Google insights is a similar yet powered up version of Google Trends since it allows you to see what terms are being searched for in given countries or on specific time frames.You can search across specific regions (Australia vs. Europe), categories (health, finance, and sport), time frames (last 30 days) and properties.


4.       Read your RSS Feeds like Email Messages

Google readerGreat for any content curator or just anybody, frankly, who spends more than 30 minutes per day on their Google Reader. The problem stems from the fact that the default view in Google Reader is expanded, which makes a quick scan-and-drop quite hard to do.To remedy that, change the view from expanded to list on the right hand side of your screen. Now, you have a nice Gmail-looking RSS feed in your hands.


5.       Find Local Time for Any City in the World

Need to know the current local time in Paris, Beijing or Addis Ababa? Find the local time for any city in the world by searching the word ‘time’ followed by name of the city (example: “time London”).

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