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Photography \ DEC 28th 2011

Plain Beautiful: Exquisite Animal Photography

Animal photography poses a unique challenge even for highly skilled photographers. It requires a deep understanding of motion and colors, as well as the ability to work calmly in an unpredictable environment. And yet, any nature photographer will tell you that it’s more than worth the effort. Look at it this way: In nature, animals are the real top models. They have all the beauty, poise and charm that a professional model needs, and once you get them long enough in front of the lens, they will give you the shot of a lifetime.

photo of a wolf in winter

Photo By Brooke Pennington

Enchanted forest

Photo By Andrew Evans



Photo By marmota


Kume Island,okinawa

Photo By Koizumi


Relaxing besides Mom

Photo By Tambako the Jaguar


Albino Peacock

Photo By The Real Darren Stone


Mating Ritual: James's Flamingo

Photo By Szeke


Crabeater seal underwater

Photo By Mariusz Potocki


Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)

Photo By Hotel Lyric


Four 5 week old squirrel kittens sleeping in a basket

Photo By Owen Humphreys/PA Wire via Associated


White Rabbit

Photo By Naomi Warren



Photo By Pixelmama


Burmese Cat

Photo By Robert Couse Baker


Fish In Water

Photo By Soda O


Maltese Dog

Photo By Michelle Vilay



Photo By Xizoom


Bear In water Nonhoi Park (Aichi-Japan)

Photo By hari cam aqua


Hedgehog Looking Outside

Photo By Reid Garnett





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