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Promote Your Site \ DEC 12th 2011

Facebook Analytics Made Easy #1

You have your Facebook Page, you’re posting daily, you’re working hard to come up with original content and keep the conversation alive – Great job! But how do you keep track of your success?

Not many page administrators know that Facebook actually offers an extensive analytical tool to help you measure the success of your activity – “Facebook Insights”.  At first glance, Insights may look like a scary compilation of numbers and graphs, but don’t let that matrix chick fool you. Everyone can learn to use Analytics, all it takes is a little patience and faith.

To get you quickly acquainted with Insights, we summed up all the important things you need to know about this tool. Once you get comfortable with Insights, you won’t be able to understand how you ever managed without it.

How to Access Insights:

Can’t be easier:

  • Log into your Facebook fan page.
  • On the left menu (where you can view your wall, info, etc.), click on “Insights”.

How to access Facebook Insights

That’s it!

Insights is not only viewable on your Facebook page. You can choose to export the data to an external file. Simply click on “Export” on the top right corner of the page.

Export Data from Facebook Insights


Insights Overview

The first page of Insights gives you a general overview of your page’s activity during the last days. The first line keeps track of four important metrics:

  • Total Likes – How many people like your page.
  • Friends of Fans – The number of friends that all of your fans have combined.
  • People Talking About This – How many people engaged with your posts through Likes, Shares, mentions, comments, event RSVP’s, etc.
  • Total Reach – How many unique users have viewed any kind of content that is associated with your page.


Below, on your Analytics page, you will see a graph showing you the impact your posts had per day. Ignore it for now. We’ll save it for next time.

The last (and most fun) section of the page shows you the influence of each post, by analyzing:

  • How many people have seen the post (“Reach”)
  • How many people have clicked on it (“Engagement”)
  • How many people liked, commented or shared the post (“Talking About This”)
  • The percentage of people who somehow interacted with the post, out of all those who’ve seen it (“Virality“)

You can achieve an even more specific drill-down by clicking each the numbers and see a detailed account of each metric:

Stay tuned for part II, where we introduce you to even more insights on Insights!

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