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Small Business Tips \ DEC 27th 2011

Editor’s Picks: Best Free Online Tools # 2

Last week we introduced you to a magical Twitter list of the best free small business online tools. This list, curated by Wix, is your one-stop-shop for the most helpful tools and apps for small businesses in the digital age.

This week we continue by highlighting three more tools from the list. These following tools all revolve around the very basic action of sending emails.

Emailing has become such a common part of our routine, that we rarely stop and think how we can leverage our emails into business opportunities, and that’s where these three tools kick in – by offering an innovative and simple way to optimize your email operations:




Editor’s Picks: Best Free Online Tools #2 - Rapportive

The emails you receive in your inbox don’t really tell you much about the people behind them. Rapportive helps you get to to know your contacts by showing you everything about them right inside your inbox. After easily installing Rapportive on your browser, the right side of your email will present all data about the sender’s/recipient’s  location, occupation, links to their website and social channels, etc.

Rapportive also shows reports from TechCrunch’s CrunchBase, so you can immediately get an idea of what kind of business your email partner is involved in. And if you wish, you can even add notes regarding that contact that will only be visible to you. All this information will come very handy when you’re discussing business over email.


Mail Chimp


Editor’s Picks: Best Free Online Tools #2

A powerful mass-email tool that makes communication with customers and subscribers a lot easier. With Mail Chimp, you can customize an email template to create a professional and attractive newsletter and easily distribute it to your contacts. It includes such wonderful features as socializing your emails, creating VIP subscribers, enabling comments on newletters and many more.

A highly important function on Mail Chimp is the tracking feature. It allows you to fully analyze the success of your email campaigns by viewing how many people opened the email, clicked on the links, Liked, shared or tweeted about it, and finally – how many people actually purchased a product after receiving it.

The free version of Mail Chimp includes a list of up to 2,000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails per month, which is ideal for small businesses.



Any business email you write is an opportunity to engage with the recipient. WiseStamp enhances this opportunity by adding social content to your email signature.

By incorporating your latest updates from Twitter, Facebook, RSS, LinkedIn and other other social platforms into your signature, WiseStamp creates a new dimension of engagement with your email readers.

You can use WiseStamp to highlight new products or services, invite readers to join additional communication channels and to allow them to share and retweet your content directly from the email itself.

Stay tuned for next week’s Editor’s Picks for more free online tools!

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