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Ideas & Inspiration \ DEC 20th 2011

Designs For Life: Saving Jacob Grecco

Designs For Life: Young Jacob’s Fight

Meet Jacob

Jacob Grecco is a seven year-old boy from Phillipsburg, New Jersey. One day, after suffering a seizure, Jacob was diagnosed with Gliomatosis Cerebri: a rare malignant brain tumor. Supported by his family and friends, Jacob is determined to overcome his illness.

Jacob’s life, as well as his family’s, has turned upside down following the diagnosis. They are now struggling with a difficult routine of treatments and hospital visits. In an effort to raise support for their battle, Jacob’s family decided to create a website, where they would tell Jacob’s story and collect donations to help pay for Jacob’s treatments.

Wix Joins The Team

When we saw Jacob’s website, we immediately wanted to join forces with ‘Team Jacob’ and do our best to help. We contacted the family and offered to create a new website for free, to spread the word around and expose Jacob’s story to as many people as possible. To create Jacob’s new professional site, we decided to recruit one of the best Wix Pro Designers that we work with.

Designer Chris Biggin On Board

San-Diego based Chris Biggin from the Bear Claw California Studio is a professional web designer and a member of the Wix Arena. Chris has  extensive experience in designing websites and a  long line of happy clients behind him. When we contacted him and told him about Jacob’s condition, he was immediately willing to get involved. Chris connected with Jacob’s family and worked with them closely on creating the site that Jacob deserves.

Designs For Life: Young Jacob’s Fight

A Super Site For A Super Kid

The inspiration for the website’s theme came from Jacob’s love for superheroes. Since Jacob is a hero on his own right, Chris gave his site a comic-book style looks. Chris’ goal in designing the site was to ensure users’ engagement and convey the message that anyone can help Jacob to fight his battle.

The result is a site that tells the story of Jacob’s brave combat against his illness in a hopeful and inspiring way. On the site, visitors can get to know Jacob better, read updates about fundraising events, make donations and even purchase special wristbands to help sponsor Jacob’s treatments.

 Designs For Life: Young Jacob’s Fight

Another Step In Jacob’s Journey

“I wanted to keep the site dynamic, whilst constantly reminding people of the urgency and the impact they’re making on Jacob’s fight”, says Chris. “There was a lot of information I needed to place in the site, but I wanted it to stay simple and to the point that helping Jacob was the primary goal. I love the concept of the site and was ultimately happy that Jacob enjoys it. I think that it has achieved what we needed to achieve.”

Now that Jacob’s new site is ready, it’s time to put it to work. Support Jacob by visiting his site and sharing it with your friends. Connect with Jacob’s family on Facebook  for more updates on this little hero.

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