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Inspiration \ DEC 5th 2011

Best Websites for Unusual Holiday Gift Ideas

The merriest days of the year are coming again and it’s time to reactivate your creative neurons. What are you buying your loved ones this year?
The holiday season brings with it plenty of tough questions. Dad already got a Kindle last year and Mom has an iPhone, so now what? And it would sure be nice to buy a Plasma TV for your best friend, but where will you scrape up the cash?
Luckily, there are some incredible online services that can make all the difference when searching for gift ideas. We’ve gathered a few that can even help you save on cash while kicking up the creativity and the fun.


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard-styled photo sharing network where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. The mission statement of Pinterest is to connect everyone in the world through shared tastes and the “things” they find interesting.  Once you join, you can create collections of things you love and follow collections created by people with similar interests. It is a network bursting with dazzling images of products, fashion, food, crafts/handmade, art, wedding ideas and other things that can spark up your interest. Just like your news feed on Facebook or Twitter, your Pinterest profile lets you see all of the recent pins of the users you follow.
As people are pinning their holiday season ideas, crafts, cooking and other favorites, Pinterest can be a great source to help spark up the imagination for holiday shopping and some DIY original gifts.



Fiverr is an awesome social marketplace that facilitates buying and selling of services for $5. In other words, users can either offer a service or purchase one for no more and no less than five bucks. Fiverr is becoming a good place for crowd sourcing where you can get services like SEO article writing, logo design or even WordPress help, by paying very little. It’s also a place where people offer lots of funny, bizarre and original services.  What’s bizarre and original?


Well, how about turning a color photo into comic book art?

Or how about getting someone to professionally rap a personalized song for $5?

And everyone has a crazy relative who would absolutely appreciate this gift: get a seller to send you fossilized shark teeth straight from Florida beach. Creativity has no limits…

If you’re a little short for cash this year, Fiverr’s gigs go beyond the ordinary arts & crafts ideas and can save you time. If you’re not yet familiar with the service, pay them a visit, the site itself is fun to explore and bound to make you spend a good few minutes browsing the gigs offered.

eDivvy – Group Gifts

Chipping in together to buy a single awesome-yet expensive gift has become easy thanks to the age of group sharing. Services like eDivvy make it simple for people to choose a gift and connect with family, friends or co-workers to gather enough cash and make the purchase. After logging into eDivvy, all you need to do is open an “event”, and go through a few simple steps that take you from choosing the gift, to contacting people and making the buy. To turn the entire experience more colorful, you can even choose a designed invitation to send to your fellow gift buyers. A fun way to shop for a holiday present.


eBay Group Gifts

Another recommended option for group buying is eBays Group Gifts.
eBay has made it super-simple for users to select a gift  and ask your friends to chip in together. The system is well integrated with Facebook so you can select the person receiving the gift, as well as all contributors straight from your profile.

group gift

Techcrunch 2011 Gift Guide- We Want Gadgets!

Finally, if gadgets are a must-have this Christmas, we need to know about the latest innovation. Techcrunch is compiling a 2011 gift guide, where you can find some of the latest novelties. From smartphones to laptops to household gifts, browse through to get a taste of ingenuity; good for getting original gift ideas and good for the blood flow. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the best gift ever for Moms: 4Mom Origami Robotic Stroller  (great for Dads and all other baby-raising individuals as well).


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