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Social Media \ DEC 26th 2011

Facebook Analytics Made Easy #2

In the previous post we introduced you to “Facebook Insights” as a tool to analyze activity on your fan page. In this post we’ll  dig deeper into Insights and learn how to get more extensive data about your page.

 “Likes” Tab

Clicking on “Likes” on the left menu of your page will show you a detailed account of your fans’ demographics.  On the top left you can choose the time frame you’d like the report to cover.

The first graph shows you who are your fans in terms of gender and age. With this information available, you may realize that you need more male fans, or maybe a younger fan base. Next is a drill-down of fans according to country, city or language.

Last on this tab is a graph that shows how many Likes and Unlikes your page received per day. This data can help you analyze what kind of actions brought you lots of new Likes, or – heaven forbid – lost you many Likes. To the right side of this graph you will see a list of all “Like Sources”, with all “locations” where fans are “Liking” your page from. You might be surprised to learn that many visitors Like you from their mobile devices or from a Like button located entirely outside of Facebook.

 Where your Likes come from

“Reach” Tab

On this tab, you have a demographic analysis of all people who have seen your content.

In the mid section of the tab you’ll see one graph showing how many people you reached per day. You may view the reach of all page content, the reach of your posts only, or the reach of other people’s stories about you (posts, likes, comments, shares, etc.):

Facebook Insights

To the right you can see a graph that displays the frequency in which unique users are viewing content related to you (how many users view it once, how many users view it twice, etc.).

The last sections give you very important information about your pages’ visitors. A graph shows how many unique visitors and how many page views you have per day. One unique visitor can view the page many times.

Say you have many different tabs on your page, the ‘Total Tab Views’ list tells you which tabs are the most popular by showing how many page views each tab received.

The “External Reference” list gives you an insight on where your visitors are coming from- are they mostly coming from your website? From a link in an email? From ads? Understanding the path that visitors make to your page will help you increase visits.

“Talking About This” Tab

As mentioned in the previous post, “Talking About This” is a metric Facebook uses to describe people who interact with your page in various manners. This tab sheds some light about who these people are.

Just like in the previous tabs, you will first see a demographic slicing of that crowd.

The following two graphs show you just how many people are talking about you (blue graph on the left), how are they talking about you (drop-down menu differentiates between Likes, tags, mentions, posts, etc) and how many people are seeing what is being said about you (green graph on the right – “viral reach”):

Facebook Insights

For instance, you can set the drop down menu to “Mentions and Photo Tags” and see on the blue graph that 832 people have mentioned your page or tagged it in photos during a specific week. On the green graph, you can see that these 832 mentions were viewed by 4,734 different people, so it had a pretty strong viral reach.


Don’t be. Understanding Insights is easier than it seems. Facebook even created a PDF guide to Insights that might come in handy.

Frankly, the best way to figure Insights out is to experiment with it. Even if you’re scared of numbers, take your time to get familiar with the stats. Evaluating your Facebook efforts is important if you want to improve them.

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