Wix Releases New Blog Feature!

So here it is, the announcement you’ve all been waiting for: we just released a new blog feature!

Our new blog feature provides you with all the benefits of blogging combined with the ease-of-use you’ve come to know from Wix. That means an easy drag-and-drop interface, full control over your template’s design and the freedom to post, re-edit, and update content as often as you like.

Why You Should Choose Wix’s Blog Platform

  • Consistency: easily add your new blog to your already existing Wix website

  • Adding a Blog to your Wix website can do wonders to your search engine ranking and online visibility

  • Your clients/fans will be able to view and comment on your posts using their Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL log-ins

  • Use the blog’s comment feature to better communicate with and learn about your clients/fans

  • A blog gives your product/service a voice, personality and a name people can connect with

  • A blog enhances clients’ loyalty and increases guest retention

Ready to create your new blog? Log in to the Wix Editor and open the Blog Editor: roll over “Blog” >>”My Blog”.

Need help creating your blog? See our Blog How to and Support Page.


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