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Inspiration \ NOV 9th 2011

Top Gadgets To Keep You Hot This Winter

Of all four seasons, winter has the worst reputation. True, winter is not as picturesque as fall, not as inspiring as spring and not as sexy as summer, but it can still be a pretty rad time of year if we give it a chance.

This year, preparing yourself for the winter should include more than stocking up on Kleenex. Treat yourself to a special winter gadget and invite some warmth into your heart.

With the holiday season coming up, these gadgets might also help you take care of your gift-shopping list earlier than expected.

Enjoy the frost!

Color Changing Umbrella

Walking in the rain doesn’t have to be a drag if you have the right umbrella with you. As the name implies, the Color Changing Umbrella changes its print color when it comes in contact with water. It makes going outside in the rain so much more fun.

Color Changing Umbrella

Terrorist Tea Pot

If you love your tea black, and your humor blacker, the Terrorist Tea Pot might be the teapot for you. It holds 1.5 liters (which make for 5-6 big tea cups) and comes with a balaclava tea cozy, to keep your tea warm and dangerous.

Terrorist Tea Pot

Microwavable Toys

You may have already warned your kids against putting their toys in the microwave, but with the Cozy Plush toys it’s actually the other way around. After two minutes inside, they become the most huggable creatures – warm, fluffy and spreading a homey lavender aroma. They come with a warning: Don’t snatch them from your children! It might induce crying.

Cozy PlushHeat in a Click

Anyone familiar with the pleasure of heating pads will be thrilled about this product. Not only are these pads reusable, they are super safe and very easy to operate. Just one click and you’re warm! There’s a complete line of products to cater to all your heating needs:  bottle-warmers, feet pads, muscle warmer, traveling kit and more.


Pet Winter Treats

Your friends on four legs also deserve their winter fun, don’t they? The range of winter equipment for pets is very impressive – from heated sitting-pads to extreme weather protection for the paws, and don’t forget the stylish clothing line for the cold season.

Heated Bed for DogsHoodiebuddie

In winter time, a hoodie is your best friend. It protects you from wind and rain, gives you an undisputed cool look and, in the Hoodiebuddie version, also plugs you to your playlist with a set of built in headphones. There are tons of designs to choose from, so you can even get an entire collection for the season.



Techies, this one’s for you. Wanna keep your hands warm while texting? Done! These gloves were custom-made especially for touchscreen devices, so you can keep your hands warm while using your Smartphone, Tab, etc. No more frozen fingers!

Fivepoint Gloves

The Slanket

A blanket with sleeves – how brilliant is that? Slanket gives you the opportunity to drape yourself in warmth. Slankets come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. You can get a kids’ size or a double Slanket for a romantic winter evening. Lazying on the couch has never been more fun!


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